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Dear Friends,

I attended a two-week writing workshop run by the Sancho Panza Literary Society at Trinity College in Dublin in June. It was a wonderful writing experience as well as an opportunity to explore historic Dublin and attend the…


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Strange Thing I Am

Patrick Pearse 10 November 1879 – 3 May 1916 (Image Source: Wikipedia.com)

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The Lucky Four Leaf Clover: Celtic Christianity at its Best

When Catholicism arrived in Ireland, there had been a strong Celtic presence for centuries. The Celtic religion, Druidism, was based in nature. Mountains, storms, rivers and seasons were all significant in Druidism. Then Saint Patrick arrived.



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Just How Irish Are You?

(Image source: IrishCentral.com)

(Image source: IrishCentral.com)

The Irish have a unique way with words. Some…


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The Portrayal of the Irish in Movies

When I first visited the U.S., in 1985 for a summer holiday, I was amused and entertained by the clever television advertisements. The one that sticks out in my brain has the line  "Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?" at the end. It always made me laugh. Or it used to,…


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The Incorrigible Irishman Who was Hanged by a Comma

We are fast approaching the 100th anniversary of the Easter 1916 Rising in Ireland. How do you mark such an event? Do you trace your finger along the bullet hole marks in the pillars outside of the GPO in Dublin? For this is where…


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'Ghosts of the Faithful Departed'

One of my brothers in Ireland gifted me a book entitled …


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Irish Coffin and Convict Ships


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