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Statistics Highlight The Famine's Staggering Impact on Ireland

The Dictionary of Statistics by Michael G. Mulhall, London, George Routledge and Sons, 1892

I have been browsing through the above book and found many interesting population, emigration and property statistics relating to Ireland in the 19th century. These statistics reveal the impact the artificial famine of the 1840s had…


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George Bernard Shaw

On 10th May 1916, the "Daily News" posted a letter from the Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, in which he condemned the ongoing execution of the leaders of the Easter Rising: "My own view is that the men who were shot in cold blood, were prisoners of war, and that it was, therefore, entirely…


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Shot While Attempting To Escape

I have recently been reading transcripts of British House of Commons parliamentary debates for the period 1919-1921 in search of information relating to the Irish War for Independence and came across the following:

On 12 May, 1921, the Member of Parliament A.E.Newbould asked how many Irish…


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'Tracing Your Irish Ancestors' Reflects Rapid Growth in Resources

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, 5th Edition

By John Grenham

Published in Ireland by Gill Books and in the USA and Canada by Genealogical Publishing Co.…


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Free Family History Database Access Helps Mark Armistice Centennial

The (New York) Evening World declares the war over on Nov. 7, four days before the Armistice was formally signed. (Library of Congress)

To commemorate 100 years since the ending of the First World War, Find My Past is offering free access to its family history database collections this weekend from 12:00 noon (GMT)…


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Paddy the Navvy

"In eighteen hundred and forty-four

I landed on the Liverpool shore

Me belly was empty me hands were raw

With working on the railway, the railway

I'm weary of the railway

Poor paddy works on the railway"

(from Poor Paddy on the Railway by The Dubliners…


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Free Access to Irish Family History Resources

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the New England Historic Genealogical Society is allowing free access to its online Irish family history resources from 15-22 March. Sign up for access via the NEHGS's American Ancestors database at the following:…


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Tallying the Irish in Britain Over the Past Two Centuries

Although the first census of the United Kingdom was held in 1801, it was not until the 1841 census that respondents were asked to state their country of birth, thereby enabling us to see the size of the Irish population in Britain. We cannot, therefore, accurately judge how many Irish refugees had flooded into England, Scotland…


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Easter Rising to Irish Civil War Archive Available Online

The Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick Library has digitised a selection of photographs, booklets, postcards and reports relating to the Easter Rising, Irish War for Independence and Irish Civil War. The collection is free to view …


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Free Access to 'Find My Past' Records

From midday Friday, September 18, until midday Monday, September 21 (BST), you can have free access to the Irish and British genealogy records available on the Irish version of the Find My Past website. You will be able to access millions of Irish census records, military records, travel and migration records, and 7…


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Irish soldiers at the Battle of Waterloo

With the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo taking place this Thursday (18th June), members may be interested in reading Peter Molloy's MA thesis, "Ireland and the Waterloo Campaign of 1815" which provides much valuable information about the involvement of Irish soldiers in that decisive battle. The full text thesis can be found at:…


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‘Dr. William Edward Dillon, Navy Surgeon in Livingstone’s Africa’ by Julia Turner - the worst book I have ever read

Many people are familiar with the exploits of the Victorian explorer David Livingstone in Africa, his missionary work, anti-slavery agitation and his meeting with the journalist, Henry Morton Stanley on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in November 1871 which gave rise to the now famous, and much parodied phrase, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

Few people are aware that when contact with Livingstone was again lost after he parted company with Stanley, concern about his safety and health…


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'Jimmy's Hall' a Nod to 'Free Spirit of the People': A Review

In 2006, British director, Ken Loach won the Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Palme d’Or award with his portrayal of the 1919-23 Irish War of Independence and Civil War in “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”. There is a scene in that film where a wealthy landowner who is about to…


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Easter Rising Parliamentary Debates - M.P. Laurence Ginnell's Defiant Speech to House of Commons

I would like to share the following passionate speech that was made by Independent Nationalist M.P. for Westmeath North, Laurence Ginnell, on 11 May, 1916, during a debate in the British House of Commons on the continuance of Martial Law in Ireland following the Easter…


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Using newspapers for family research

The online availablity of core genealogy material such as census returns, births, marriages and deaths records, emigration/immigration lists, military service records etc can prove such an attractive lure to family history researchers that they often overlook the wealth of information that can be gleaned from newspapers. Although census returns and BMD data can provide the bread and butter facts needed to compile a family tree, newspapers can provide the details that flesh out a person's…


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