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Black 47's Last Call

When I first thought about reviewing the last recorded work by a band, I questioned the futility. Why? If they are over, there must be a reason. Yet some infernal sadness tugs at my musical heartstrings, with questions like "Who were these guys?" "Were they good?" and "Will we be…


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Book Review: Joseph Buggy's 'Finding Your Irish Ancestors in New York City'

It's funny, but when I mentioned to a close friend that I was going to be reviewing this book, she said "Oh, I found all of that on". Fair enough. Some people visit one website and are satisfied with the history they come away with. For my friend (being third…


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Respect for JFK’s Legacy an Enduring Part of This Family

November 22nd. Strikes a sullen chord. Any year -- and yet this year, it is the 50th year. Striking a crescendo of deep and bitter sadness.

Maybe it’s because I was raised in a house where John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s picture (clipped from the Sunday Daily News…


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Warfield Makes It Easy: 'Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight'

”They could take our land, starve our poor, destroy our homes and plunder our institutions; they could deny us education, but they could not destroy our music and song” No truer words were ever spoken. These are by Derek Warfield himself.

Derek Warfield is a singer, songwriter, mandolin player and a founding member of…


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'Sandy'-Whipped Rockaway -- One Year Later

I made several trips back into the devastation after that initial writing. The work never got easier. In fact it got much harder. Age on a man is often internal and aches and pains are the wrinkles.

Above, Cross Bay Blvd and a ship washed into the median. See more pictures below. Photos by Kevin Gleeson

One friend in particular deserves a mention here – a year later. Living in east Rockaway on…


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The Irish of Laurel Hill (Part Two)

We might have been called “narrow-backs” or “Micks” or “Donkeys” but the Irish of Laurel Hill were joined together as a community. My dad was in the Holy Name Society. He read the Epistles at Mass in St. Theresa’s. We would travel to Gaelic Park to watch Uncle “Mick” or Uncle Martin beat Kilkenny or lose to Kerry; all while we yelled “UP TIPP!” at the top of…


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The Irish of Laurel Hill (Part One)

I recently saw a post on Facebook about the former neighborhood of Laurel Hill, Queens, NY. The post described how progress for the City destroyed a community. I wanted to jot down some of my memories to speak (for those who no longer can) about a time, a place and a people.

The house I grew up in (50-77 45th Street just off Laurel Hill…


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