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A Short History of the Celts

By Patrick Lavin (First published in 2004)

The Celts stand out as one of the most daring of all the ancient European people in the history of pre-Roman Europe. They arrived on the European stage in prehistoric times as a "fierce naked warrior class that collected enemy heads as war trophies," and evolved into a singular culture that flourished…


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Searching for the Irish ancestor awarded your surname? Dublin scientist's new DNA venture has answers (First publish 3/2/12)

How hot is genealogy DNA testing these days?  The largest DNA testing laboratory, Family Tree DNA, posted that, as of Wednesday, they had a total of 361,933 records.  According to biotechnologist Tyrone Bowes, "It is the size of this database that facilitates the pinpointing of one’s ancestor, as many of the surnames associated with Ireland are well represented." In…


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Brigit: The Goddess Who Became a Woman, and a Saint

In Part 3 of WG's 3-part series "When the Goddess Ruled," Ronnie Drew-Kopp explains why Brigit remains a uniquely Irish figurehead, with a legacy of both Goddess and Christian saint.

By Ronnie T. Stout-Kopp

Special to The Wild Geese…


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