Quixotically enough, we've begun our countdown to Christmas, inspired by fellow member and Irish Heritage Partner Margaret M. Johnson. Margaret, who is making the phrase "Flavors of Ireland" both renowned and delicious, is offering a 25% discount on her newest cookbook, "Christmas Flavors of Ireland," through August. So this seems an appropriate time to ask, and mind you, we're not rushing anyone here, but we are curious: What is likely to be the first present you buy this Christmas, and when? (SPOILER ALERT: Don't identify the recipients!)

Meanwhile, join us for our countdown to the upcoming Community-Wide Chat with author Margaret Johnson and Isle Magazine Creative Director Lisa McGee on Friday, 5pm ET. (To take advantage of Margaret's handsome pre-Christmas discount, visit www.IrishCook.com and order now.)

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I'm likely to start thinking about a few big-ticket items in November, a process that begins with assessing my finances and the items of interest. Probably around Thanksgiving, with the deluge of sales, I'll look to seize the opportunity to get a great price on one of these 'premium' items, likely electronics or outerwear. Anyone know what electronics are made in Ireland these days? ... 120+ days to Cyber Monday! (Right, Irish Merino Cape Collar Coat, from TheIrishStore.com)

Love their range - also John Hanly woollen mill - also based in Tipperary - their throws are fabulous and love Fisherman out of Ireland products too from Donegal. 

One of Margaret's cookbooks sounds like a perfect gift idea for a few people I know.  So that may be the first.  Beside that, I'd say some authentic Irish knitwear.

I'm looking at Irish wedding bands. My better half lost his wedding band back in the 80's and we just never replaced it! So I'm checking out nice celtic knot rings... now to get his ring size! : D

I lost my original wedding ring a few years ago as well, Fran.  We replaced it with a "Celtic Warrior" ring:

Wow beautiful! 

The men in my life, of which there are darned few, always love a bottle of good Irish whiskey. I also like to buy some of the food items that Lisa mentioned in a blog a few days ago that folks can bring our on special occasions---Ditty's Irish Oatcakes, Burren Smoked Salmon, and some lovely Crossogue preserves

Love all of these too Margaret - Crossogue is based just near me the owner is lovely. Also love The Scullery products also produced in Tipperary 


Shanore.com has some great celtic knot bands... They are one of our top selling Jewelry lines... I love the weight of them...and the smooth feeling on the interior...

I start my shopping after the first of the year... As I find things that will suit a person, I purchase it... put a sticky note on it and put it on my gift shelf... If I find numerous things for one person, as I travel, that is a bonus as it takes care of birthdays and other occasions, as well

You are so organized Bit!! Well impressed

Where do I start? For my family in America I often bring gifts over early - latest gifts I've brought have included Broighter Gold rapeseed oil - my favourite is the Basil infused!

I always buy Burren Smokehouse Salmon and Cashel Blue cheese in Shannon Airport - it's a tradition now.

What else? Love the Green saffron curry spices - as mentioned in my blog post.

I love these contemporary Irish pieces - from a company called Enibas in Cork. Beautiful pieces with Irish sayings in a modern design. Wear one every day "Beautiful Heart". Love it!!



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