This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, there's much more than could be added. Give us your additions to it. Also links here to articles related to some of the people, units, and battles that are mentioned.

October 12, 1851 – 69th NY State Militia is formed.

May 1861 – The 15th Arkansas Infantry Regiment is organized under the command of Cork born Irishman Patrick Cleburne, who had enlisted in the militia as a private in the “Yell Rifles” before the war.

Apr 23, 1861 - 69th Infantry Leaves NYC - The 69th Infantry Regiment of the New York National Guard, the Irish Regiment, led by Col. Michael Corcoran leaves New York City for three months of service. The Soldiers later enlisted for three years of service as a volunteer regiment.

July 21, 1861 – The 69th NY fights in the first major battle of the Civil War, 1st Bull Run, covering the retreat.

September 1861 – Irish Brigade is formed in New York (63rd, 69th and 88th NY … later to include the 116th PA and 28 MA) under the command of Co. Waterford native Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher.

March 4, 1862 – Patrick Cleburne is promoted to brigadier general in the Confederate army.

April 6–7, 1862 – Patrick Cleburne commands “Cleburne’s Brigade” at the battle of Shiloh.

May 31 and June 1, 1862 – Irish Brigade fights at the Battle of Fair Oaks during the Peninsula Campaign.|

June 27, 1862 - Irish Brigade fights at the Battle of Gaines Mills during the Peninsula Campaign.

July 1, 1862- Irish Brigade fights at the Battle of Malvern Hill during the Peninsula Campaign.

August 29–30, 1862 – Patrick Cleburne commands his brigade at the Battle of Richmand and is wounded in the mouth.

September 17, 1862 – Irish Brigade assault the Sunken Road at Battle of Antietam

December 13, 1862 – Irish Brigade assaults Marye’s Heights at Battle of Fredericksburg

December 31, 1862, to January 2, 1863 – Patrick Cleburne commands a division at the Battle of Stones River.

July 2, 1863 – Irish Brigade fights in the Wheat Field the Battle of Gettysburg.

September 19–20, 1863 Patrick Cleburne commands his division at the Battle of Chickamauga.

November 27, 1863 – Patrick Cleburne and his division protect the retreat of the Army of the Tennessee to Atlanta at the Battle of Ringgold Gap.

December 22, 1863 – Gen. Michael Corcoran, commander of Corcoran’s Legion, and former commander of the 69th NY, dies, probably of a stroke, while riding with Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher.

June 3, 1864 - Corcoran's Legion, the Irish Brigade, and the 9th MA fight at the Battle of Cold Harbor.

October 19, 1864 - Gen. Phil Sheridan rides from "Winchester 20 miles away," to win the Battle of Cedar Creek.

November 30, 1864 – Patrick Cleburne is killed commanding his division at the Battle of Franklin.

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I always find it interesting who gets "forgotten" whenever the Irish contribution to the Union cause is mentioned. Of course, the Irish Brigade is ALWAYS given boatloads of attention. Josey's Regiment of Arkansas (the first of three 15th Arkansas regiments) is only incidentally "Irish" given that it was under the command of an Irishman during part of its existence.

I was not at all surprised to note that, once again, the 1st Irish of Indiana (35th Indiana Regiment) was quite thoroughly forgotten, even though it even has pages detailing its history on this very web site:

And a recently-published book:

Bryan, I said at the top that "This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, there's much more than could be added." There are many, MANY other units and people who could be listed. This was just something I put together for Gerry for some bullet points to hit some highlights of the Irish in the Civil War. Then we thought we might as well post it here and put some links off it. The 35th Indiana is definitely a good example of some of the other things that could be included. This list could easily be doubled or tripled in size with other good additions like those you mention.

I tend to be prickly about this because there are books after books after shelves after libraries on the "Irish Brigade", and I would not be surprised if I couldn't finish watching all the documentaries on them before the end of my days. But who else gets noticed?


I don't know how to join the Blue, Gray and Green but I have researched and written a book, "The Civil War's Valiant Irish"

available in softcover from Amazon as well as on Kindle and Nook.  It covers the events you have above and much more including Father Corby, Meagher, Nugent, O'Rorke, Mahone ,,, as well as over 35 battles. I believe if your're Irish & a Civil War Buff this is one book that should be on your shelf.

Author James Francis Smith



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