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Was just being equally inflammatory for laughs - but - We do have morons in government because we have morons in the voting booth. The two party system is a disaster, there should be five parties minimum. Vendors to the government and recipients of government benefits should not be allowed to vote.

I didn't say we were all bright. LOL

And I basically agree with you. I live in a Borough that has had it's share of goofs running the place. Gee I wonder why? LOL


I know some people on here will be hurt to hear this but Coulter is of Ulster-Scots ancestry, her mother was a Kentucky hillbilly and while I have no grudge against them, the Ulster-Scots themselves (the actual people living in Ulster I mean) will tell you plainly today that they are Anglo-Saxon Englishmen and NOT in any way shape or form "Celtic". They speak a form of English (although they claim it is actually another language entirely) and their ancestors came from Northern England, so their claim has some validity to it. When the Gaelic Catholic Irish started coming here in droves, the Ulster-Scots/English Nativists here did not even think that they were human beings, but an inferior primate sub-species. They thought the same with Africans, I suppose on a subconscious level to justify their bigotry and violent actions against both groups. Some actually thought the Gaelic Irish were the "missing link" between blacks and whites. So its no surprise to me that Coulter's Orange Order kind of Social Darwinist bigotry is so prevalent in her inane remarks. (Though I have to wonder how Bill O'Reilly and other Irish on the Far Right would react to this.) Unfortunately she's the closest thing that the white supremacists on the Far Right have to an articulate and...."sexy" (at least to them)....female, so she gets a lot of drooling attention from them. She would have flourished in Hitler's Germany as so many Right Wingers and Tea Party members here in America would. Today her demographic continues to drift into the category not of "un-American citizens" but simply "no longer American citizens" at all. From what I can see they have become a 5th Column of the Old Confederacy which wants to destroy the Federal government of the United States which the majority of its citizens support. Presumably they hate it for interfering with their "right" to enslave other human beings, but it was Southerners themselves who, because they refused to give up slavery, made the Federal government the ultimate arbiter in virtually everything in our lives. I know some illegal aliens (all of whom are humans btw) who are more American and have more in common with the Founding Fathers than Ann Coulter and her ilk.

John here's my thoughts on Ann.

There once was a woman named Coulter

The extreme right would not fault her

And I’ll say it quite plain

With a pinch of disdain

That her foot’s in her mouth where it oughta

Thats fine John, but why give her that much attention.  Ignore her. 

(M)Ann Coulter just wrote this book because s/he needed the money for another trachea shave.


Ms Coulter is an unhappy person, it is patently obvious from all of her various statements.  It must be quite easy to be a best selling NYT author, although I often see her titles on the dollar table in Barnes & Noble and others.  As far as research goes she studied under Bill O'R, he views himself as an historian as well.  His NYT best sellers are roundly panned by real historians, but apparently read by thousands of his unenlightened fans. Hannity will probably be next, just think "History by Hannity"  The Roofer Speaks.  Your poem is enough to cover Ann C.



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