Is Your 'Local' Irish Pub the Best in the Whole World? Which of the 7,000+ Irish Pubs Would You Vote For?

The Irish pub - now there's a welcome sign! No matter where in the world you are, it brings goose-bumps when you step inside...the endless possibilities, the broadening smile, the all-embracing welcome, 'home'. So, which of the 7,000+ Overseas Irish Pubs would you vote for? Do you know a really special overseas Irish Pub? Well, I know I do, several of them in fact! Now is your chance to make your's everyone's favorite Irish Bar.

Pen your entry here.

* Closing date 28 February, 2015.

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I was late to the contest, but here's my entry anyway! :)

My friends and I affectionately call O'Murphy's Pub in Montauk, NY, "Mother O'Murphy's"! The food is great, wonderful burgers and shepherd's pie, and fantastic french onion soup. The most important thing, though, besides the Jameson's, is the Perfect Pour of Guinness that they serve.
We've been going there once a year, every summer, since 1988 as part of our annual get together. The manager (owner?) there always greets the seven of us at the door. "We'll start the round of Guinness now" she says before even seating us. It's a wonderful part of our annual tradition and when there's a bartender with a brogue, a few of us will belly up to the bar for a few more rounds of Guinness, interspersed by a Jameson's or three.
We've never had a bad time there. Be well, and thank you!


My favorite is NOT in my local town. Rather in Gettysburg Pennsylvania...... Gary Owens; great food. Great people. Great music.  

Who'd a thunk, Kuala Lumpur, that's quite a distance to go for the Perfect Pour! :)


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