Irish-Operated Carriage Horses -- A Stroll in the Park or Slave Labor?

Antrim-born actor Liam Neeson is calling upon fledgling New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio to step back from hizzoner's commitment to ban carriage horses from the streets of the city.

Photo by Victoria Pickering, Creative Commons license

The carriage trade has, for well more than a century, been largely an Irish franchise, and Neeson has issued his most stinging critique of what he suggests is De Blasio's hypocrisy on the issue, threatening the livelihoods of hundreds of working class carriage drivers and stable hands. You can read more about it in Irish Central.

My question to everyone: Are horses ill used as they pull these colorful carriages around Manhattan's Central Park, or are they treated with the respect and care they deserve?

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A brief comment from 'the African kid's mother'. I cannot believe this argument is still raging! That said, congratulations to Gerry for initiating an interesting and important topic.

Yes -- Racism is  a very important debate and all of us all over the world should get involved .

Racism ; anti Gays ; discrimination of all kinds should be debated at every level of society It is that important .

This agreement has long ranged in places where donkey and horses are abused for the sake of tourism and the  financial gain.

In Backpool  UK - Horse + Carriage is endemic in this state . Now there are Princess carriages added to the list of  the abusive trade . With People hiring them for weddings hen nights and all other social occasions. .

Car /Coaches were engineered for the express purpose of transporting  people - so why abuse the poor animals left to stand in all weathers . 

Is it really just a link too the past ! 

Lets free all animals all over teh world from being abused for tourism and financial Gain 



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