Since it launched in 2009, Guinness's Arthur's Day has garnered much support. It is the type of marketing success most companies could only dream of. This year, however, has seen a huge backlash against Guinness and their parent company, Diageo, for encouraging alcohol sales in a country where binge drinking is a huge problem.

Do you think this criticism of Guinness is fair? Or should alcohol companies be more responsible?

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I see the paper refers to it as Diageo Day.

I think a festival should be organised for Irish fags (cigarettes). An important part of our culture. Call it John Player Blue Day.

thats Galway again where the craic is always mighty. Its a young persons city, Tír na nÓg if you will. Mostly young people in the picture. Those who 'are very glad to have jobs' have other concerns. Interesting to see how Diageo has the power to take over the place. Local non pub businesses must have been thrilled.

Good thoughts, John.  I've not been to the Guinness Storehouse either, but most of what I've heard from folks who have been echo your own sentiments.

The Guinness Storehouse is a noisy, expensive and impersonal experience. Nice view of Dublin from the top though. I drink the stuff but will not pay money to promote an international company's logo on a t shirt.


I'm sorry to disagree with what appears to be the consensus, Guinness (Diageo) is a bad company, by promoting their product they are infecting the general population with drunkenness, crudity and general mis-behavior.  Certainly normal, reasonably intelligent, that is folks able to read (at least commercials), feed themselves and more, need to be sheltered from these agents of the devil himself.  What is wrong with placing the blame for societal ills where they belong, on the shoulders of weak individuals who are easily lead by similar intellilects. 

I too resist being a billboard for branded products, but I applaud the marketing genius that has convinced millions of really nice people that to display these fashion logos on their bodies is some way indicative of their good taste or success. 

Teachers are being blamed because Johnny can't read instead of looking into his enviorment and maybe health.

Sorry if I seem over the top but when will we stop blaming everyone else and faceless corporations whose payrolls fund a lot of what we do, for all we don't like about each other. Generally while holding a cigarette in one hand and balancing a cell phone and drink in the other. Remember "we" are someone elses "they" 

Incidently, I found the tour of Guinness' Storehouse rather informative, are you aware the building's structural form is called Chicago architecture?  The view is grand especially at night.



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