The Emigrant (JFK ) - Larry Cunningham

Irish American history in Song - Listen to the great Larry Cunningham(1938-2012)

An Irish lad from Dunganstown,The Atlantic he would cross

He parted with his family on the quayside at New Ross

His Mother smiled a Mothers tears as Irish Mothers do

She said goodbye God speed you son my blessings go with you

And so a lad named Kennedy Departed o'er the sea

Just another Emigrant or so it seemed to be

Little did he realise that through him one fine day

By destiny a Kennedy would rule the USA

He got a job and later on when he moved out of town

He met and wed an Irish lass and soon they settled down

His son he Married Irish blood his grandson did the same

He wed the rose of Boston Gael Fitzgerald was her name

Another generation passed another World wide War

Then Fitzgerald-Kennedy became a Senator

He fought that great Election in that land so far away

When the people named him president all Irish hearts were gay

The great John F to Europe came in 1963,

And everywhere They went they cried we want John Kennedy

He visited the Emerald Isle where many years before

An Irish lad from Dunganstown sailed from old Erins shore

A Bullet From A Rifle John F Kennedy Was Dead,

The World It Stood In Silence As The News Was Told And Read

Now A Widow Tends A Graveside With Two Orphans By Her Side

He fought for peace and freedom
And for this he lived and died

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