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At 9:41am on July 23, 2015, Niamh Ultaigh said…

I have a friend who was brought up in Belfast, and he has experienced "the parades" first hand and reports that the Orange Order parades are a sanctioned opportunity for loyalists to incite mayhem and cause violence and destruction of property. He has had very real, very bad, very visceral experiences. He is very educated, thoughtful and reflective. I find him to be a most credible witness, and I think the parades should be stopped in the furtherance of peace.



Have you blocked me? The system will not allow me to "reply" or "send a message" on the discussion page for this topic.

At 9:20am on August 9, 2015, Virginia Osgood said…
Well, I couldn't go wrong as it was a Ken Loach depicts the heart of Ireland and its people....I grew up in South Boston at a time when I did not know that people other than the Irish existed....those in the film and those I grew up with are one and the same.....the film embraced me....
Virginia Osgood
At 11:04pm on October 16, 2015, Suzee McKee Irwin said…

Hey Gerry, we are not sure if my husband's people were Scots or Scots-Irish. I have done some work on them and it appears they may have immigrated quite early. There is so much more to learn. My father's people immigrated from Scotland to Ireland in the 1600's. Then from County Down to Pennsylvania in the early 1800's. My mother's people came from Cork and Kerry around 1880. Tell me more about your Irwin if you get the time. You never know...

At 3:07pm on November 14, 2015, Susan O'Dea Boland said…
Thanks so much for featuring the review of twenty years a growing. I am working on another piece now, and will post it in a couple needs to slow down to give me more time to write!
At 3:25pm on February 8, 2016,
Heritage Partner
House of Monaghan

Gerry, thanks for the mention on Facebook today... much appreciated! :)


House of Monaghan

At 12:26pm on May 2, 2018, Elaine Noonan said…

Hi Gerry,

I read your article on the Irwins of Hells Kitchen and was surprised to learn that they lived near my Irwin relatives. My grandfather was Joseph Irwin (1872-1948). They lived on 10th Ave. between 43rd and 44th st. Just wondering if you came across them in your research?


At 7:38pm on February 7, 2019, Jules Sullivan (Jenkins) said…
Gerry Regan,

I wanted to inform you that a member with the name of James Pollard has just tried scamming with an "lost inheritance scam". I just want to urge you to please let folks know. This guy says something about a long lost relative that recently died and has no known heirs and then goes on to say he wants 50% and that I would need to keep it a secret. I have a copy of the email he sent. I do take full responsibility for communicating with someone from this forum with my own personal email on myself, that was stupid on my part.
At 1:19pm on December 23, 2019, Daniel P Quinn said…
"Daniel P Quinn has captured a bygone era with such detailed, loving, bittersweet accuracy.
Such family memories - and they are rich indeed, considering he hails from two such vibrant, singularly civilized cultures ...
Irish- and Italian-American; no fooling around! The old Newark comes alive in his poignant, celebrating words ... 
as does the glory that was Paterson, NJ, birthplace of American industry ... 
-- Hey, it/they - still is/are, both these wonderful, bustling, BUSY New Jersey cities! eh, all? in their 20th century heydays ...
Phoenixes now rising from the strong, struggling and WONDERFULLY PERSEVERING "ashes ..."?
 - Nope; the people of Newark since the "White Flight," post-WWII,
 are every bit as validly vibrant as those who came before, let's face it, eh? 
-- It's just a rapidly e'er changing mixture of eras we are so challenged to be negotiating,
 we Americans and we globally over-populated, fascinating yet always goofy-enough humans ... 
Bravo to all who appreciate the seemingly boundless energy, spirit and enterprise that is Newark.
Thank you, Mr. Quinn, for bringing the pre-21st century Newark once again to such sweet, happy life ... a rewarding, compelling, intensely-personally-felt trip down Memory Lane, indeed".
V. Hammer, Artistic Director
Midlantic Theatre Company
Artistic Director's riff on "Newark, Italy & me." (Lulu ) for 2019. 
Now on sale for $19.99. Prices go up in October." class="CToWUd"/>
At 5:40pm on April 7, 2020, Alpona Dutta said…

Thanks Gerry. Yes I’m studying in Griffith College Dublin. Hope to see you someday!

At 5:02pm on May 7, 2020, Thomas Madigan said…

Hey, Ger! Delighted to see the site is still here and with a great new look (not that the old one wasn't great either) ;) Thanks, also, for the invitation to dive right back in. I will be doing so over the coming days.

More importantly, I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well during these unprecedented times!


At 12:15pm on August 15, 2020, Douglas Lawless said…

Anyone here ever seen or has a copy of the miniseries Year Of The French?  It's based on a novel about the United Irishmen ( Ancestors were members) and the landing of a French military expedition in county Mayo?  I've been trying to track it down for decades.  I heard it was banned by the British government for years for graphic scenes of Irish peasants being slaughtered by British soldierd

At 9:27am on November 22, 2021, Kevin Murray Adams Morgan said…
Thanks Gerry.

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