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At 4:50pm on July 16, 2013, Gerry Regan said…

Hey Valerie, fáilte to The (New) Wild Geese, which your support has helped bring about. Looking forward to learning more about your work, your 10th anniversary edition of "Shalom Ireland" and, ultimately, your own Irish story.

Here's an interview we conducted with Valerie, BTW, about a decade ago.


At 11:30am on July 17, 2013, Bit Devine said…

Céad Míle Fáilte... or should I say.. Fáilte ar ais, Valerie...welcome back

At 1:51pm on July 22, 2013, Ryan O'Rourke said…

Hi, Valerie.

Just watched the trailer video you posted here ... very interesting!  Thanks for that.  Hope to see / hear more from you about Ireland's Jewish community (and other things) in the days ahead.

~ Ryan

At 4:55pm on July 22, 2013,
Founding Member
Valerie Lapin Ganley

Thanks, Ryan!  Glad you enjoyed Shalom Ireland!

At 6:23am on August 6, 2013, Leslee Sack said…

Hi Valerie,

Here, in the Maritimes, we are an hour ahead of NYC (where I come from), which makes me closer to Ireland. My adopted mother lives in Finglas.  Again, if you need info re the PEI Jewish Community, look at  I get mail going to the secretary. We are an even smaller community than Ireland...but we are a feisty group! Please come and see us...I know we would all love to see your movie...can I get it on Amazon yet?


At 2:29pm on August 10, 2013, Gary S. Cohen said…

Thanks Valerie....Again, sorry I missed the chat!

At 12:15pm on August 12, 2013, Rabbi Janet Madden said…

I'd like to clarify something you said, Valerie. Reform Judaism originated in 19th century Germany. 

At 2:22pm on August 13, 2013, John G. Molloy said…
Valerie - Thank you for selecting my name to receive a copy of Shalom Ireland. I live in the suburbs of New York. I constantly run into people who believe that the problem in the North of Ireland is religious and I tell the story of Robert Briscoe.

I was in Ireland last October and I was shocked to learn that Judaism is now the number four religion in Ireland, replaced at the number three spot by Islam.

I look forward to watching the DVD and I will let you know my impressions. Thanks again - John Molloy
At 7:10pm on August 20, 2013,
Founding Member
John M. Walsh


Friendship, yes.  Hosting, no.  Coincidentally, just Monday morning I sent Gerry a copy of an article I wrote "The Jews of Ireland" back in 1988.  I doubt Gerry has received the envelope yet, so to ask us to "friend" is spooky.  Included in the envelope is a letter I wrote also in 1988 which I sent to Menachin Begun asking him to confirm something Robert Briscoe said about a meeting they had back in 1947 (or so).  Mr. Begun replied and I enclosed a copy of Mr. Begun's letter.  Good luck with your documentary.

John Walsh

(Should this have properly have been sent in an email?  I don't know the practices of social media.  Sorry.)

At 8:44pm on March 10, 2014,
Colm Ó Riain

Hi Valerie!

If you haven't plans for St.Paddy's night yet , I have a non-drunken show at the Great American Music Hall. Come and dance!


At 6:02am on May 22, 2014,
Heritage Partner
The Irish Pub film
Hi Valerie, what a wonderful & thorough & nuanced review you've written, thank you! Your insight and perspective even teaches us something about a film we've viewed dozens of times. The characters are the stars and make it very easy to build a film around. We'd love to screen in SF, and we'll be in touch by phone to make this happen. Looking forward to speaking with you and meeting you down the line. All the very best, Alex & Denis
At 6:04am on May 22, 2014,
Heritage Partner
The Irish Pub film
Also, we'd love to watch your film Shalom Ireland, how can we view this Valerie? Go raibh mile mhaith agatsa.

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