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At 2:27pm on February 12, 2014, Sarah Nagle said…

Welcome from the north bay...

At 3:33pm on February 12, 2014, Sharleen O'Donnell Lozano said…

Thank you.  I signed up and not sure if this was what I thought it would be.  I was looking for military records from Ireland in hopes to find relatives.  I came up with a celeb I think.  I ran O'Donnell and there were no hits except a person named Lehm and I think that is an actor.  Would you advise me if this site will contain family research information?


At 3:41pm on February 12, 2014, Ryan O'Rourke said…

Funny you should ask, Sharleen!  We've just begun the process of "beefing up" the ancestry / genealogy side of this community, so you've registered your profile at a great time.  Stay tuned ...

At 8:28pm on February 12, 2014, Sharleen O'Donnell Lozano said…

Wonderful.  Thank you so much.

At 9:03am on February 13, 2014, Gerry Regan said…

Sharleen, failte to The Wild Geese. I might suggest you look at, which has an increasingly large, and very impressive, collection of digitized historical records to aid family historians worldwide, but with particular strength in records in Ireland and the UK. That said, we look forward to learning more about your unfolding 'Irish story' in our pages, as we work with you to explore and celebrate the epic heritage of the Irish ... worldwide. Ger

At 10:07am on February 13, 2014, Sharleen O'Donnell Lozano said…

Oh thank you.  I subscribe to and have cut back some of the other very expensive genealogy web sites.  It would be worth it to me to add one if I thought would promise some success--I will have to think it about it.  They always give you a lot of teaser hits which fizzle later.  I cousin has been working diligently at a local Mormon Center every Tuesday and the best part is how much she is building her research skills.  

You have tweaked my interest in Find My Past.  When we went to Utah most of these web sites were free during our week there, but it was all so overwhelming and so much to learn in a week.  We literally worked there 8 or 10 hours a day there.

At 10:32am on February 16, 2014, James McNamara said…

Welcome to the wild geese group.  When did your Irish come to USA?  And Where did they first go to?  I can check a few things for you if you have something to go on.  All the best.

At 11:28am on February 17, 2014, Sharleen O'Donnell Lozano said…

Thank you so kindly for your offer.

I don't know too much.

Samuel O'Donnell has grave marker with death as 20 Nov 1849 St Mary cemetery Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts.  Sharing same grave stone is mother Mary Power 5 Dec 1866.  I later received a letter that was saved by a cousin in Massachusetts that was written by Michael Samuel O'Donnell  who was son of Samuel O'Donnell stating that Mary Flanagan who died about 1902 which I suppose a surrogate.  I have 1880 census showing Michael and Letiticia O'Donnell living with Mary and Michael Flanagan.  This is where it is hard to just stick to the facts so I am sorry if this is convoluted.  I show Michael Samuel O'Donnell born 8 Sept 1842 died 9 Jan 1922.  I couldn't find Michael and Samuel O'Donnell ship passage.  My cousin in Massachusetts said her mother, Joyce Ellin O'Donnell, said that the O'Donnells came from County Kerry, Ireland. My cousin Ellin Bates, said she didn't have written documentation. 

It is possible that Samuel O'Donnell grave marker is a memorial because I check with St Mary and there was no record of Samuel O'Donnell actually being buried there.

I think on the reverse side of the same grave marker Michael Samuel O'Donnell is shown dying 9 Jan 1922 Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts.  (I have more information as to Michael Samuel O'Donnells family if you need it.)  I think that Michael had one sister but it is possible there are 2 sisters.  I show a Laquisha and Letitia M A O'Donnell born 1841.  I am wondering if it isn't the same person.  I think  I saw Laquisha only one time on a census but Letitia M A O'Donnell a couple different census.

I have this listed plus more descendants on as a public record.   My dad is Herbert Joseph O'Donnell born 7 Jan 1922 Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; his father was Samuel Edgar O'Donnell born 3 Oct 1873 Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA and died 23 Jan 1924 in Oakland, Alameda, California, USA.

Anything you can find in Ireland or anywhere, will be so appreciated!!


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