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At 10:30am on May 13, 2014, Gerry Regan said…

Jane, welcome. I've heard about your work for quite some time now. Perhaps you can elaborate a bit about what genealogical services are available, and also share with us your unique Irish story.

At 1:01pm on May 13, 2014, Dr. Jane Lyons said…


Thank you for this comment and I was kind of wondering to myself would I or would I not begin to blog about what I do.  I joined the other day because I wanted to pass a comment to Jim Mc (he is a long time friend of mine) and even though I did look at the Wild Geese website a few years ago when my gravestone photographs were mentioned, I didn't look properly.  I forget a lot of things Gerry, I htink it was Bit mentioned all the gravestones I had put online at that time.  Back then, it was 170,000 photographs of churches and gravestones

I did not join Wild Geese as some attempt to 'advertise' myself as a Professional.  I suffered a major head trauma in Jan 2011 and thanks be to God I am one of the lucky ones who recovered very well.  Since then I've been diagnosed with haemochromatosis and this last week it seems I might have another little 'disease' to add to my lot so I don't go looking for research work.  Currently, I do take some jobs, but they are few and far between.  I get more pleasure out of helping some of my net friends, the one I want to help now is Edna.....she's just absolutely lovely, an older lady in Kansas and so long as I get a year of marriage from her then I will go through all the parish records for however many counties her unusual surname comes from and we'll cross out fingers and hope to God that I strike lucky....She would just love that.

I know your group does not welcome professionals 'selling themselves' or becoming members of your group and I respect that.  I know that when a professional makes some mention of how they offer professional genealogical services on my Facebook page I get a bit 'upset' and tag on to their messages that from-ireland offers professional services as well.

I did not join this group as a manner of side 'advertising'.  I joined because I wanted to like Jim (James) McNamara's blog and pass a comment.

I think probably Gerry, the most interesting thing about me is yes, I 'do' gravestones, but outside of that I have so many internet friends.......and honest to God, people who I do consider friends, some of whom I have met and some of whom I haven't.....and in the next few weeks, one of my internet friends is coming here and we're going to 'do' graveyards together.  She has already written a book and when I was over at the publication of her book I laughed and said if we could put what you have and what I have together, we could probably bring tons of people home.

I'd like to put that in a blog Gerry...it's the heart of it, it's the love of it..........it's not the 'genealogical services' part.

The heart is what counts.

I'm very sorry for talking this much


At 3:00pm on June 29, 2014, Bit Devine said…
Jane, a chara, I hope you reconsider leaving... I believe you would be a huge asset here...
At 3:30pm on June 29, 2014, Dr. Jane Lyons said…

Do you know what Bit..............the message I sent in reply to John's message re me has changed.

I said one thing and \I'm finding here that I said more........


I would be a huge asset, yes...........but agreeing to have some people decide whith3r or which the way my words would be said.

Sorry........no, not into that

Thank you though.


At 3:00am on October 9, 2016,
Founding Member
Nollaig 2016

Am I pro-life or pro-choice, I would have to say that I’m on the fence as are many.  I think I would choose to die rather than abort a baby of mine, needless to say I’ve walked a mile in shoes of one who’s been very lucky in life.  I think the right to choose works for both sides of the aisle.  It can save a life (as in when pressure is put on a Mother with a developmental or psychiatric condition to abort) She has the right to choose.  Or a life can be lost – The girl who goes to England to seek abortion due to the stigmatism associated with being an unmarried Mother or the woman who is financially unable to support this child.

I believe that as the stigmatism lessens so does the abortion rate. And in good economies does it lessen too.  I wonder what the Stat’s are on this.

I am not anti Catholic but I do believe that there are many good reasons as in the US for separation of Church and State.  Belinda

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