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At 6:56pm on May 8, 2013, Bit Devine said…

Céad míle fáilte romhat... Make yourself ta home. Pour a cuppa, grab a biscuit or four and dive into the wonderfully diverse stories and discussions.

At 8:57pm on May 8, 2013, David Dinning said…

Thank you

At 4:08am on May 9, 2013, Ryan O'Rourke said…

Welcome, David!

Great to have a Wild Goose from the great Irish city of Chicago.  Cubs or White Sox? :-)

Have a look around at the great articles, discussions, resources, etc., and tell us your own "Irish story" in a blog post when you have a few minutes.

Welcome aboard, David!

~ Ryan

At 6:38am on May 9, 2013, David Dinning said…

Thank you, go cubs.

At 6:42am on May 9, 2013, Ryan O'Rourke said…

Cubs!  Yes!  I grew up as a Cubs fan myself.  White Sox fans are still welcome, of course, but Cubs fans are ESPECIALLY welcome. :-)

At 4:24pm on May 9, 2013, Gerry Regan said…

David, glad you could join us. Perhaps you'll find WG a fine vehicle for sharing your observations and explorations on Irish history. Do you have any interest in reviewing books for us? Ger

At 7:32pm on May 9, 2013, David Dinning said…

At some point that would be great. I’m heading back to Northern Ireland on the 24th of May to finish a documentary I’ve been working on. It’s consumed me for the past four years. I am curious to hear yours and anyone else’s opinion on ‘The Catholic’ game played by Pitt on the Catholic Committee during the 1780’s up until it ended with the Fitzwilliam’s recall in 1795. Was Fitzwilliam’s appointment and ultimate recall part of the game? Was Pitt just trying to see how far he could push reform in Ireland? Or was he just buying time, and the time was right to crack down the Untied Irishmen, disband and breakup the Volunteers, use the evolution of the Peep of the Day Boys, into the Orange Boys, into the Orange Order to unleash the sectarianism that still plagues The North to this day. It worked then, and killed the rebellion of 1798, and led to what Pitt wanted all along to end the quest for democracy in the age of enlightenment, do away with the Irish Parliament, absorb Ireland, and preserve the Anglican Ascendancy, to call it the Protestant Ascendancy is misleading and an affront to history.

At 5:52am on July 17, 2013, Rónán Gearóid Ó Domhnaill said…

1798 brought about the death of Protestant nationalism, which almost exclusively became a Catholic affair thereafter. Many leaders were Protestant- Wolf Tone was Protestant and I believe Napper Tandy was as well. Atrocities committed against Protestants during 1798 did little to win them over to the cause. 

At 7:18am on July 17, 2013, David Dinning said…

All of the founding fathers of the United Irishmen were Protestant. It was the age of enlightenment, the use of sectarianism and the war with France killed the rebellion. > Atrocities committed against Protestants during 1798 did little to win them over to the cause.< This shortsighted view is typical in Northern Ireland and used by Loyalist. The spinning of History to maintain the us vs. them. Division and Conflict without it there is unity. Not enough time or space there to break down to you. I'll send you a copy of the Doc when its done, But facts and reality don't sit well with Loyalist. 

At 11:16am on July 17, 2013, Bit Devine said…

David.. I have gotten in to quite a few arguments by pointing out that at one time it wasn't an us vs them issue...or a religious issue at all...  To divide is to weaken...and to weaken allows an easier conquest... and yes, it still prevails in the 6 counties today...no matter how rosy a picture they want to paint for the outside world

At 5:00pm on November 23, 2013,
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