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At 4:15pm on March 6, 2013, Gerry Regan said…

Fascinating, Jim. We really need to introduce you to our colleague Kieron Punch. He's a member, so perhaps you can look him up and reach out. You'd have a fair amount to share! He's a keen student of The Great War and Ireland's freedom struggle among other things.

At 1:31pm on April 22, 2013, Sheila Lucy Hemmings said…

My own family on my father's side were in the Military and ser ved in most of the major conflicts of the 19th and 2oth centuries, from the Zulu Wars to both Boer Wars and both World Wars, my great great grandfather and great grandfather served with pricess Charlotte's Regiment which became The Berkshire, then the Royal Berkshire Regiment, my great grandfather transferred to The Connaught Rangers, I only found this out last year when I went back to Ballina after 30 years, I also found out that my grandfather and great uncles were quite local celebs, playing for The Ballina Stephenites, who won The Croke Cup in 1908/09 (Irish football)

At 5:35pm on April 22, 2013, Gerry Regan said…

Sheila, Kieron is definitely someone who would enjoy hearing about this. Hope he finds it. How far back have you been able to trace your ancestry?

At 2:15pm on April 23, 2013, Jim Curley said…
Hi Ryan:

The "send" button seems to be stuck.

I'd be delighted to respond to questions. Fire away.

At 5:46am on May 14, 2013, Rose Maurer said…

I have just received an unexpected surprise via e-mail from Ryan O'Rourke, informing me that I have won a copy of "The Galway Stories" - to say that I am delighted is an understatement! Rhetorical question, strictly tongue in cheek "Is it possible to become Irish by association?". Greetings to all,

Rose Maurer 

South Africa

At 3:17pm on May 20, 2013, Rose Maurer said…

Hi all

I have just read 'Setting the Truth Free' by Julieann Campbell (Liberties Press, Dublin, 2012) which I ordered via the Internet on the recommendation of Keith Harkin of the Celtic Thunder Group. I am aware it is not a weighty, intellectual tome, but found it immensely moving, and would be interested in the responses/opinions of any TWG members who may have read it


At 12:20pm on May 21, 2013, Gerry Regan said…

Rose, might you review the book for us, so we can learn more about it, using your personal blog on WG. I've not heard of the book, though now I'm intrigued by your findings.

At 3:19am on May 22, 2013, Rose Maurer said…

Hi Ger

I would be happy to do so, given a spot of time.

At 10:35am on May 22, 2013, Gerry Regan said…

Looking forward to getting your more protracted view of the book, then, Rose. Go raibh mile maith agat!

At 11:49am on May 23, 2013, Sheila Lucy Hemmings said…

Hello Gerry, sorry I have just seen your reply to my post, so far I have only been able to find put about my great great grandfather who would have been born around 1812, then my great grandfather, and grandfather. I believe that the Boshell family originated in Alsace Lorraine and came to England first presumably after the Revolution, but I am still working on that, my great grandmother's family, the McLaughlins originated in Donegal I believe and I will be looking into that when I go over to Ballina in August.

At 6:20am on May 28, 2013, Jim Curley said…
My send button doesn't work sometimes.

Answer for today - General Meagher??
At 3:03pm on January 9, 2014, Kevin Sullivan said…

Thank you for the truly 100 Thousand Welcomes!  I'm honored by your recognition as a member of the Fighting 69th and look forward to exploring all the exciting things here!



At 2:00pm on November 28, 2014, cheryl dale siegel said…

Hello Wild Geese:  Does anyone know if an American can move permanently to Ireland if her Great Grand parents   were born in Ireland?  My income is sufficient, if careful, to not need to work in Ireland?  If I moved there with my dogs I would not wish to return to the States ever.  Thanks for your answers.

At 11:49am on January 21, 2018, michael hogan said…

Thanks for the welcome, Gerry. I tried to post a reply to a comment on my article about John Riley yesterday,and discovered that I could not comment because I was not officially a member of the group. Goodness. Well, now that is resolved. Thanks! Michael

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