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At 11:36am on September 18, 2013, Steve O'Rorke said…

Thank you for the welcome, Ryan. I noticed you are from Galway. My son, daughter-in-law and I were just there about two weeks ago but could only spend a short time. We hope to return soon but had limited time in most areas since it was our first trip to Ireland. I loved the country and the people and can't wait to return!

At 4:02pm on September 30, 2013, Timothy McQuaid said…


Thank you for the welcome. 


At 10:43am on October 13, 2013, Barrie Maguire said…

Thanks, Ryan.  That pony sure bowled me over this past May.  I had to slap myself to stop painting more and more of him.  I don't know if you saw my video about that horse: http://youtu.be/7J9EuwZuFvA

At 6:04am on October 21, 2013, Marcie Kelly said…

Thank you. I'm excited about finding this site. Look forward to visiting it a lot,

                          Marcie Kelly


At 3:50pm on November 3, 2013, Living the Sheep's Head Way said…

Hi Ryan, 

Thanks for the welcome. We're a small group representing the Sheep's Head Way walking route in West Cork. It stretches from the end of the Sheep's Head peninsula to the early Christian settlement at Gougane Barra, and a post about the O'Sullivan's drew us here. Our area - Kealkill in particular - has very strong associations with the O'Sullivans, as well as with the story of the wild geese.

At 3:41am on December 16, 2013, Localbooks.ie said…

No problem Ryan, glad to hear you found something of interest!

At 12:01pm on December 26, 2013, Heath Hubert said…

Thanks! I'm really glad I found you all. I'm excited to see how I can contribute to the community.

At 8:33am on January 31, 2014, Danny Alexander said…

Thank you for the request Ryan!

At 9:33am on February 6, 2014, Kevin Meyers said…

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the welcome!  Yes, that's me in the picture.  I am an avid ice hockey fan and have been playing since I was 10 years old.

Best Regards,


At 6:42pm on February 6, 2014, Michael Quane said…

Thanks, Ryan. I do believe the job discrimination possibility is real. Many small business people would think twice about hiring a "Murphy" or the like, if they believed the worker would show up drunk or hung over on occasion.

I once dated a Jewish girl and had the misfortune of having her mother answer the phone one time (way before cell phones). She started yelling "beer drinkers" and launched into a tirade about the Irish..

Do understand now that there's a different connotation in Ireland for "Paddy."



At 8:33pm on February 12, 2014, Sharleen O'Donnell Lozano said…

I would just love to find my O'Donnell roots in Ireland so that I may come to Ireland with that information and feel the full purpose of the trip.  Not that I wouldn't love to come to Ireland just for the beautiful trip but it just would mean so much more to know where I came from.  

Thank you for such a warm welcome and I look forward to reading more of your posts.


At 7:57pm on February 16, 2014, Guillermo MacLoughlin said…

Thank you Ryan for your message. We will be in touch, for sure. I wrote a post, with information of myself. Regards


At 6:42pm on March 10, 2014, Louise Carol Rawls said…

Hello Ryan,  I see that I was made a member back in May, 2013, however, I was somewhat remiss in not getting back to you sooner!  We left for Ireland in the middle of June, & returned on Aug. 20, 2013.  My husband & I, spent over 2 months living in rented cottages from the North to the South! Wow, what a wonderful adventure & delightful trip!  We learned that we can & will in around 1 1/2 yrs.!  Any how, how do I get myself in as a full member?  I would really like to make friends, starting with you?  You can email me at my home address, it is dadeephil@cox.net   to advise me how to get in?  Then I assume that I should check this website each day?  It certainly help us once we are back in our Motherland!  All the best,  Louise Carol Rawls

At 3:13am on March 13, 2014, sibyl hines said…

there are a significant number of those of us of Irish extraction running around the often snowing landscape.   However, the Germans, Icelanders, and







There are a significant number of us running around the often snowy landscape.  However the Germans, Icelanders, and Sons of Norway have us outnumbered.




At 3:44pm on April 12, 2014, Jack Carey said…


Thanks for helping me change my name on the register from: "John S. Carey, Jr", to "Jack Carey".  Appreciate your help.


Have a great weekend!!!



At 11:28am on April 14, 2014, Judy Conrad said…

Hi Ryan, thanks for the welcome. I do not know the Conrad family in Tampa.  My family is in Jacksonville.  My parents, many years ago, used to live in St. Petersburg, just across the bay from Tampa.  And, I had a cousin who married a Judy and became Judy Conrad, but they are now divorced.  Interesting that there are a few of us around.  Do you know what heritage their last name is?  Mine is German, but it can also be English.  

At 11:39am on April 14, 2014, Judy Conrad said…

I love your photo's, especially the ones with the horses.  Are they wild?  We have wild ponies here in Virginia on the Eastern Shore on Assateague Island and every summer they swim the ponies over to Chincoteague Island to auction off some of the herd so there won't be too many.  And, in North Carolina, not too far near the border with Virginia, we have wild ponies there too.  :-)

At 6:47pm on April 14, 2014, Jack Carey said…

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the info on Irish Homes.....  Appreciate your help.  Have a great day!


At 9:28pm on May 17, 2014, Cheryl Conrad said…

At 9:29pm on May 17, 2014, Cheryl Conrad said…

We have two mini Australian Shepherds.  Hope and Manny.   

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