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 Why do we feel so good when we travel? Is he likely to break this perfect image of the Eiffel Tower? Is an endless amount of delicious new dishes (probably not, but it certainly helps!). Is it exciting to meet new people from new places? Or maybe it's on a much deeper level that keeps us coming back to learn more, always pushing us to see more, to eat more (seconds! Thirds), to know more. Here are some reasons why you feel better while traveling.

Travel teaches us to be flexible.

Anyone who flies at a discount airline understands the meaning of the word "patience". The movement of a bus from one place to another can be a flight bottleneck, loss of baggage, landing at the wrong train stop, or a bottleneck with striking bus drivers. Navigating a city in another country is not always the perfect experience that Instagram would have us believe.

Even when they are not at home and are not traveling, when problems arise, we are not disappointed with them. Travel teaches us that when things get intimidating or if everything goes wrong (like once you have food poisoning - maybe give up fermented shark meat), then we have to roll with it and make a new plan, how to write an essay infographic, without affecting it. Our trip (.... a lot). Faced with these struggles, we feel accomplished and satisfied - and these stories of crazy transport often become our best.

Travel allows us to trust the world.

There is certainly a way to make the world a scary place in the news. While we must always be aware of our environment and the security climate in some countries, the reality is that even in countries that seem weird or scary, there is probably too much beauty. Just as the streets south of Chicago don't fully represent the grandeur of Windy City, so do the destinations we don't know (or a little apprehensive). But boy, is it good to trust your gut, break stereotypes and go to a place of understanding and compassion rather than fear

Now we are not asking you to drag your bootstrap and head into the unknown desert of a dangerous place. But what we say is that many trips require us to trust the friendliness of strangers. When we look for driving directions, recommendations for the best restaurants in town, or business stories with new friends in a hostel , we have to constantly depend on others, many of whom probably don't even speak our same language. When exchanging money in the market, walking down an unfamiliar street, or hopping on a bus, we must always trust the kindness of others.

Once negotiated in these otherwise mundane ways, it is difficult to fear the region or the countries as a whole. Live your life watching strangers, smile and laugh, wash your clothes, walk your dog, share ice cream with your children, sit on a bench with an elder, all these experiences live our hatred or our prejudices. Let’s complicate the feelings, to the point where it’ll probably make those feelings go away completely. It allows us to break down cultural barriers, to trust and to transform an old stranger into another human (or better yet a friend).

Traveling allows us to trust each other.

Navigate the Polish rail system without a map (or dictionary)? Kiss on a foreign market or plan a complete route through three different countries on the fly? Traveling not only allows us to manage ourselves, it allows us to accomplish what we give to our minds. When traveling, there are many road bumps (literally and figuratively), and we need to be able to solve the problems as quickly and creatively as possible.

It seems more in the realm of the possibility of realizing our passion and creating a meaningful life. We see what happens when you live a life free from the shackles of "responsibilities" and "expectations" - often those that call others like our parents, or the little thing that society calls them.

We have crossed paths with those who give up and recognize not only the "ideal" of life, but it is a possibility for the shape of our life, but a strong possibility indeed. We are strong, baby! And we know that if we trust each other and follow our stomachs, good things will happen.

Travel makes you fall in love with learning.

Travel rekindles our thirst for learning, when we were children, when we noticed something we had never seen, we turned to the person next to us and asked impatiently, "What what it is? Traveling is basically an endless learning experience disguised as an adventure. History books are one thing, but the discovery of another country rejuvenates the pages of this history book. We learn from museums and galleries, coffee corners, and nightly interactions with locals, from the language of our host country.

Traveling reconnects us with the joy of learning, researching discovery, and knowing that certain facts and details must be piled up in our memory for a stupid test. We can observe at our own pace, think as it should, and absorb everything we can. For you and for no one else.

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