My first trip to my ancestors homeland was one I will never forget. I was so excited to finally be able to see the land where my Great Grandparents lived. The place  that my family would talk about so often. How hard it must of been for them to leave a country they loved so much because of famine and travel to an unknown land so far away never again to see there beautiful birth place again. We arrived in Dublin from an over heated plane. The heat valve got stuck(we were told) and we were so hot that when we arrived to the rainy damp weather we almost immediately got sick. We tried to enjoy our trip so much but were unable to fully experience the full beauty of Ireland. We did enjoy what we were able to do but because of having to change hotels and drive ourselves so far we were unable to take in all of the wonderful picturesque places  and to fully enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the people of Ireland. We did have to rest a lot and that cut our time there shorter and even though we did get some beautiful postcard like pictures of this so lovely  country we yearn to see more. To see the land our family once walked and enjoyed.  Almost immediately upon arriving we felt like finally we were home to a place that was calling us home from early on and from the stories our family handed down to us this is in our souls. I wish that I had known of the wild west of Ireland tours when I was there for experiencing Ireland this way would have been so memorable. Our trip wasn't a total loss but it definitely wasn't the trip of a lifetime. The ambulance had to come for my roommate passing out in Galway and that wasn't an experience we wanted but ,the  medics made it a good experience.   For now I will dream of again one day being able to fully see and experience  the Emerald Isle. I so long to be able to return to the lush green land and water of a serene and magical place. The wild west of Ireland I  am sure will make the trip more captivating and memorable. For a trip like that would be a trip you'd definitely yearn for.  Never will I forget my ancestors birth place or the fact that Ireland is within my soul...Till we meet again may god hold you in his hands.                                                     fheiceann  tu'  go  luath                         Sla'n  go foil,        Ta'  me'  ag   su'll  go  mo'r  le  thu'  a  fheicea'ilt  go  luath                   

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