The Wild West of Ireland

 All my life I have yearned for and felt a calling to visit Ireland-The Emerald Isle.  And although I am hundreds of miles away, I’ve always held Ireland and my Celtic roots passionately close to my heart. It is my sincere desire for this trip to become a reality-and then my heart will finally have its rest.

Our family roots are from Clifton County, Galway (Riley). These roots were passed down and taught to us while growing up—especially on Sunday afternoons with dad listening to the “Irish Hour” music station on the radio while he made dinner and gave mom her weekly day off. This was our special time with him, and he shared stories with us, taught us to cook, and showed his love to us-no holds barred.

Our father had a great love of the outdoors that he encouraged us to appreciate.  He took us fishing, camping, swimming, and hiking whenever he could. These times spent together forged our strong family ties and created memories for us to have and to hold dear to our hearts.

Dad always said to listen to the words of the Irish songs. It was through my father that I developed a love of language and music---and a sentimentality towards the history of Ireland that is told through the songs.  Even though he has been gone for 18 years, I feel connected to him through the Irish music that I listen to daily. I know if I were to visit Ireland, I would feel his spirit, and that would be a welcomed feeling.

I want to be a Wild Westie!!  Why I want to experience the Wild West of Ireland

If I were lucky enough… if the fairies and leprechauns could sprinkle their lucky dust my way… and my prayers to Saints Joseph, Anthony, Jude, and Francis were answered, I would be honored to meet the people, hear the brogues, see the land, feel the water, experience the music, share the dance, eat the food, drink the pint, and reconnect with my husband of 28 years! Both of our children are now grown up, and winning this trip would be memorable way of celebrating this accomplishment!!

The setting of the B&B sounds incredible.  I imagine early misty mornings near a fire in the sitting room having a “nice cuppa tea!!”  Or spending some quiet time near the water marveling at the stillness of the morning and feeling a spiritual connection to my surroundings. Which leads me to wonder…if I were to dream in Ireland, what sort of dreams would they be?

I want to learn more about the culture and spend time with people that enjoy life and are not consumed with technology. I want to be free of computers, phones, and interruptions and enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as the natural beauty of the green landscape, the ocean and cliffs, and the people--the hard workers who love to laugh and are known for their friendliness and hospitality.

I love the idea of a small, intimate tour group where you can visit the sites of less- traveled locations and explore these hidden gems.  What I would look forward to doing at the end of each adventurous day is an evening of food and drink with my new friends in a pub followed by a spontaneous music set--and experiencing up close the gifts and talents of the local people.

In my life, the closest I have come to Ireland is attending the annual Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio for the past few years. This is our yearly “vacation,” and we love it.  How amazing would it be to walk across the Ha’Penny Bridge in the real city of Dublin--stop midpoint--look down at the river--and make a wish to continue falling in love every day with my husband??

My final wish would be to visit the cliffs and sing out loud the words to “The Parting Glass” (click link below for the song) and raise a glass in thanks for the beauty of this outstanding view.  My heart is longing and my soul is aching to climb the cliff and raise the glass.  And I would cry tears of gratitude and thanks to God for the faith and heritage that has been passed on.  Go raibh maith agat!

 Who doesn’t remember their first time? 

Tell us why YOU want to experience the ‘Wild West’ of Ireland, and you might win a free 9-day trip there, courtesy of Wild West Irish Tours and WOW Air. Get the details!

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