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Welcome to The Irish Gift, an Irish organization that provides online classes in the East Galway music tradition and the music of Eddie Kelly. We also offer classes in the Irish language, sean nós singing and sean nós dancing. Online classes in bodhrán and uilleann pipes are also available upon request.

The Irish Gift is very clear and determined with regard to our vision and mission. We are purposeful in our desire to promote the old traditions of Ireland that are in danger of dying out. Afterall, throughout time there have only been nine fiddle-players that have played the East Galway style of music, and now there are only four of us left. Imagine, what a loss it would be to have this tradition to be lost forever?. And as for sean nós singing & sean nós dancing, how many artists have we out there, that are really true to this old style of singing?. How many are really authentic and faithful to this old form of dancing?. I can tell you right now, not very many. There is something about an unwavering and resolute commitment to honor the Irish traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation; there is a beauty in it; there is a purpose and meaning, there is power.

So please take a moment to peruse our website, to learn more about the East Galway music tradition and it’s proponents, read the testimonials that come in each week on the joy that our group brings to people across the US. Read about our wonderful instructors and check out the online classes that we offer. You can also read our weekly blog on

We would love to keep in touch with you on Facebook.

Our current project is Join The Irish Gift; Join the Global Irish Language. We are connecting with intermediate / advanced Irish language speakers throughout the world. The plan is to have people to drop in once per week for one hour of Irish conversation; there are various times available for this Irish cómhrá. Please help us in spreading the word about this great initiative to bring people together in the name of the Irish Language. Consider joining our beginner Irish language class as our guarantee is to have you fluent in six months or your money back. You can't get better than that!

We hope to see you at one of our events or online. We really want more and more people to learn of the beauty of the East Galway music tradition and the music of Eddie Kelly, the alluring Irish language and the elegant and ancient styles of sean nós singing & sean nós dancing.

Sign up for our classes! We are waiting to share The Irish Gift with you!

Éilís Crean

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