The Gettysburg Battle Anniversary Committee, released a anti Irish Press Release under a photo caption of the Irish Brigade

 Located under a photo of the Irish Brigade at the 155th Gettysburg Anniversary event. There appeared a caption that was not only showing an anti-Irish bias, but just plain fake civil war and Irish history. I contacted the Publisher of the CWN, who is an honest man named, Jack Melton. Jack advised me that that the article and photo caption was written by "THE GETTYSBURG BATTLE ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE" not by one of his staff and would allow me to put a correction in, the next edition of the CWN.

From the (GAC) Web Site ... "The Gettysburg Battle  Anniversary Committee (GAC) was formed in 1995 by local Adams County community members. For smaller events the event staff totals approximately 150, and for five-year events approximately 400. The organization is comprised entirely of local folks, from the Gettysburg and Adams County area"

Here is the caption, that appeared under the photo of the Irish Brigade members and the green Irish Regimental Flag.

"The Union Army enlisted Irish immigrants almost as soon as they arrived; here the new soldiers of the Irish Brigade await the advance of Confederate infantry during the fighting at Seminary Ridge"


It is an old falsehood that the Irish or anyone else was enlisted in the United States Army, as they walked off the boat or soon after. Mr.O. Blunt the Chairman of the New York County Recruiting Committee, requested to be allowed to construct a building on the Battery by Castle Garden. To enlist new emigrants off the boat from Europe. The following is the official opinion of the Emigration Commissioners.

"It is the opinion of the Commissioners of Emigration New York that it is decidedly adverse to granting such a request, on the ground that it would be injurious to the country in interfering with emigration, as would be the case as soon as known in Europe; and would be confirmatory, to a certain extent, of the charges made in the British House of Commons, as well as in France and Germany, by rebel emissaries and sympathizers, that the armies were being filled by the forced enlistments of arriving emigrants". So there you have it, that part of the caption is in error.

Now the caption "here the new soldiers of the Irish Brigade". There were no new soldiers in the Irish Brigade at Gettysburg. Colonel Kelley, wrote in his after action report, that whole Brigade, only numbered about 520 men. The 69th New York (Fighting69), the 88th New York and the 63rd New York were down to two companies each. The 63rd PA put out about 112 men and the 28th Mass about 224 effective's.

Where does the idea come from, that the United States Army was composted of men right off the boat? The Confederates put forth that idea, their's was an American Army and the United States Army was composted of non-American's being forced to fight for the union. I guess that idea, is still alive and well in Gettysburg PA.

You would think, a town like the Town of Gettysburg, that lives off the civil war tourist trade would know the battle. I guess they don't? The Irish Brigade was no where near Seminary Ridge during the battle. The Irish Brigade was on Cemetery Ridge and fought in the Wheatfield.

My Great Grandfather and his Brother, enlisted in the 69th New York on 21 April 1861. My son Richard is the Commanding Officer of Delta Company (Heavy Weapons) 1/69th New York National Guard. 

Steve Reilly
Lost Mountain Georgia

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