A fine article here from irisharchaeology.ie on the 'Sacred Trees in Early Ireland'.


This part caught my eye as it refers to a site about 6 miles fro my own house.

"Similarly, in 1099 an army led by Domhnall Ua Lochlainn of the northern Uí Néill defeated the men of Ulster and afterwards cut down their sacred tree, which was known as ‘Craebh-Tulcha’[iv]". - See more at: http://irisharchaeology.ie/2013/08/sacred-trees-in-early-ireland/#s...

 'Craebh Tulcha', is the modern day townland of Crewe, on the road between Lisburn and Glenavy, a few miles inland from the Antrim shore of Lough Neagh (but the Loughshore was once much closer, until the boggy land was drained).

Indeed, this hill was once one of the most notable royal sites in Ireland, prominent in the Annals, and Brian Boru is recorded as having been hosted here.

Now within the modern boundary of Lisburn City Council, Crewe Hill, as an important heritage site, is invisible to tourist and local alike. It just goes to show, if you wait long enough, nothing stays sacred for ever.

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Comment by Gerry Regan on August 20, 2013 at 3:46pm

What's the site look like today, Gerry?

Comment by Gerard Cappa on August 20, 2013 at 3:56pm

It is depressing, Gerry.

The large rock where the new leader would have been acknowledged, as was the custom at these sites, is still there but there is nothing to draw any attention to its erstwhile significance. It is just a completely anonymous field,absolutely nothing to mark it as a historic site, no signs, no plaques.

Queen's Univ Belfast did an archaeological study a while back, but Lisburn Council aren't interested, it maybe doesn't fit in with their 'culture' narrative.


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