My grand parents where Awesome! My Grannie was an house mother risen the children while grandpa was out making ends meat. He did various things for his living he retired from the rail road he worked for several of them as an maintenance guy and then an Foreman.
Roy Cremeans and left corner mygranma
          What I remember the most is how in shape he was and he had massive biceps you know the ones everyone evies, he would carry those heavy rail sections line them up , straighten and make the track the Locomotive rolled along. He lived childhood years and some of his life in West Virgina,Berkeley.I do believe where he work in a iron mine. He was once in an mine explosion and I have heard that he had pulled all his brothers out of the mine and saved their lives, that's just some on my grand pa, why I know he is awesome.
          He would travel down to Huntington WV. on weekend nights and box for cash golden glove matches but granny never knew he did that, hey if you box wouldn't you have black eyes? he must had been a good boxer to pull that off and not make my Grannie mad because she didn't want him to fight guess she didn't see any good in it but he made money and put food on the table for them. I am proud he is my grandpa he didn't do anything spectacular except work hard and supported his family what a man. i am sure he had his issues, but hey everyone does. He was born 17 March 1913. How about that St.Patricks day! and he was an Irish-American he must had a good reason to rise his pint on his birthday.
         My Grannie made the best biscuits and gravy in the Ohio river Valley, anytime we visited them shed wake up Sunday morning and start cooking bacon,eggs an d have all the extras too. But that gravy was to die for. I don't know much about her family I don't remember meeting any of them even once. As I do more family history, I will include more about her side of the family all I know was she was a Montgomery.

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