Many workers in our Country are very tired of the anti-worker, anti-union radical right who are trying to eliminate our middle class. On Nov. 9th, we are having a Rally in front of the Courthouse in Pottsville Pa., County Schuylkill. Why is this place so important?  On June 21st, 1877, 6 men were hanged at the prison in back of the Courthouse and on the same day 4 were hanged in Carbon County. All were AOH members accused of being involved in muders. These men were branded as belonging to a Irish Catholic gang called the "Molly Maguires". Over a two year period, 12 more were hanged.The day on which the ten were hanged is still the largest "legal" mass exection of citizens in U.S. History. At our Rally I'm going to hold a moment of silence and announce the names of these forgotten LABOR leaders and say a short prayer in Irish in their memory.

In 1836, the first Charter of the AOH was given to NYC. Two weeks later, the second Charter was granted to Cass Township, Schuylkill County, Pa. (just a thought to how many Irish came here to work as slaves in the coal mines).

You are all invited to share a moment of respect and appreciation to our fasely accused and executed just for trying to form a union to better the lives of the workers. Thanks.

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