We Irish artists, descended, as we undoubtedly are from the tribe of Dannan, an ancient breed of mystics, are tasked with the unenviable mission of walking the invisible, fine line. It is a gift that enables us to transcend the mundane, and experience the world as we see and feel it, and know how it should be. We have the uncanny ability to tap into that other place, the realm of spirit, the place where all inspiration emanates.

We, like the Dannan, can be likened to magicians and have the ability to turn what to most people, are chaotic thoughts, emotions and feelings, and fashion them into beautiful and meaningful works of art. We are artists who paint the blank canvas with our manifested thoughts and words and are blessed with the grace that enables us, for the most part, to never stray far from our original nature, despite having to live and survive in the material world.

We, as artists, pass on what we have learned through our words, music and art of storytelling, which are the manifestation of our collective knowledge. It is a shamanistic quality which we possess. During the creative process, many of us, being flawed mortals, have gone down to the crossroads, seeking redemption, many of us have supped at the table of desperation, seeking solace; many of us have drowned in the river of solitude, in the search for inner peace; many of us have sought refuge in the forest; many of us have scaled the unassailable mountain, and many more of us have hidden deep within the cold, dark cave. The fine line must be traversed, it can be no other way.

All of this in the pursuit of that otherworldly knowing, the knowing that we are driven to pass on to those coming behind us. For our singular gift, the gift given us long ago, back in the mists of time by the ancients, for it to work, we must give it away, willingly, and suffer if need be, in doing so.

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Comment by Richard R. Mc Gibbon Jr. on August 16, 2017 at 8:09am

Grand article and to add my two cents, when a balladeer sings  a song they open a wee bit of their soul to the audience and if they can not find some balance may loose themselves to their audience. I open myself when I entertain, Irish Pub songs, but have centered myself with traditional martial arts, this balance has made all the difference to me. Again Thanks for this Article !

Comment by John Anthony Brennan on August 17, 2017 at 8:22pm

Couldn't agree more...Glad it came across Richard. 


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