Exclusive Look at 'The Last Torch' for The Wild Geese

Well, we did it. It was hard, but overall I conducted myself with class and rehearsed for hours with an array of talented, crazy people. It was so challenging as a first-time producer and director but what I got was a tight show that told the story. The story has always been my concern. It's time that the O'Rourkes were recognised and that this disgrace was reversed. Don't get me wrong ... the hero is very flawed, but he was tried and sentenced to death for treason which was bogus.

Brian na Murtha O'Rourke was concerned with getting the English out of Ireland while Governor Bingham was trying to completely destroy the Irish. They were scattered, which I am led to believe is how my parents ended up in Scotland ... impoverished with serious social problems. Colonisation nearly destroyed my family, but the Irish fight on.

I am honoured to be the storyteller and to, perhaps, add to some well needed healing. We had people sobbing at the end and some Wild Geese here "down under" with glazed, teary eyes in the foyer. Let's hope this story travels. It's dedicated to all the men and women who have suffered through war and given their lives in the name of freedom. "Buagh!" Please understand that these are unlisted videos. For Maura Meehan, murdered by the British Army 1971 RIP.



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Tags: Armada, Australia, Drama, Irish History, Leitrim, Music, O'Rourke, Sligo, Spain, Theater


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