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Beannachtaí Na Cásca Ort!
Happy Easter!
From Your Friends at The (New) Wild Geese
Easter 1916: Confronting the British Empire

April 1916: England was deep into the most savage war the world had ever seen. Millions had died already, millions more would die. Many Irish had grown impatient with the broken promises of Irish home rule within the United Kingdom. Others were contemptuous of home rule, seeing it as a betrayal of Irish sovereignty. They believed the time to strike for Irish freedom would never be better. And so they did. In the words of Yeats, "a terrible beauty" was born. WGT's Joe Gannon narrates.

A hearty congratulations to the winners of our Tell Your Irish Story and Irish Freeze Frame Contests. James Francis Smith gives us a brief history of his Irish family, including his relation to the immortal U.S. Army commander Phil Sheridan. His winning article won him The High King Package from our newest Heritage Partner, Irish Homeland Photography. Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin shares an image of the Rowan Gillespie sculpture "Famine" on Dublin's Docklands. His entry won him The Bard Package from Irish Homeland Photography. Go Raibh Maith Agat to the contest underwriter, Ryan O’Rourke and Irish Homeland Photography -- providing heirloom images of your ancestral lands.


WG broadcast live during our March 9 launch party. Our panels, covering topics as diverse as Ireland’s rich cultural legacy, covered Irish travel, genealogy, cooking, the Irish in America’s Civil War, and the Irish noble pedigree in the ongoing fights for a fair shake for the working class
Participants included: “Travel Hag” blogger, author, tour guide Mindie Burgoyne fielding questions about Irish travel and the “Thin Places” in Ireland where our world intersects with ‘the other’; Dublin-based genealogist Nicola Morris, Irish cooking devotees Mairead Geary aka “Irish American Mom” (above right) and WG’s in-house cooking maven Maryann Tracy; Ireland-based authors Damian Shiels and Robbie Doyle; archaeologist Toni McGuire, Magdalene activist Mari Steed, and WG Preservation Editor Linda Evangelista, discussing the legacy of Ireland’s Cillini and Magdalene Laundries; and William Patterson University’s Richard Kearney, focus on Irish activists in the American labor movement.

WG Members of the Week:

* Yvonne Healy (left) does a lot of research on Irish culture and history and spreads it through oral storytelling and one-person shows.  She hails from Howell, Michigan.  You can see her in action HERE. Please check out Yvonne's profile and her work, and say Hi!

Bit Devine (right) has traveled extensively through Ireland. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona.  Check out her blog posts and striking photos.

Pamela Boyd Shields (left), from Little Rock, Arkansas, shares on WG about her travels to Ireland, her search for her family history, and some great photographs.

Go raibh mile maith agaibh, Pamela, Bit and Yvonne, for helping us all, each day, explore, promote, preserve, and celebrate, the epic heritage of the Irish ... worldwide. Nominate others for this spotlight by alerting coordinator Linda Evangelista.

Member News and Views:

This is what I know of the beginning of my family. David Boyd (son of Robert Boyd) was born 17 Jun 1737 in Ireland. He was buried 11 May 1815 in Fishing Creek Presbyterian Churchyard, Chester, South Carolina, USA. He married his first wife in Ireland, (unknown name, maybe born about 1760). She died about 1769 in South Carolina. He married…

I am so proud of being Irish.
I come from a long line of gutsy women.
The women in my family survived against the odds.
They survived hunger.
They survived oppression. ,,, More

* The Cremean Family -- From Ireland to Appalachia  by Riocard O'Cruimin 

Cremeans family history is an interesting one to say the least: Our forefathers hailed from southern Ireland, where the Cremeans and its variants came into being in the late 14th century as a major second branch of the MacCarthy Reagh lineage.

Céad Míle Fáilte to the
Newest of The Wild Geese: 

Jim Curley, Sjoran Dennis Ewing Fitzpatrick, Erin Oates, Silke Broyles, Mable Forbes, Peggy Sue Shay, Dennis Dunn, Rachael Elizabeth Flynn, Jacob Ludwig, Ben Moore, Cristina Kyung Radaelli Lee, Jamika Janes, Cesar Seale. (Joined 3/25/13-3/27/13)

Have You Heard ...?

Member and tenor John R. Sheehan, a Jesuit priest serving as director of Manhattan-based Xavier Society of the Blind, sings an old song of farewell, 'The Parting Glass." Also listen to John perform 'Cruiskeen Lawn,’ a traditional ballad he describes as passed from father to son to son.


(Left: Clifden, from an old postcard)

Clifden Traditional Music Festival: The Festival takes places in 2013 from Thursday through Sunday in Clifden, County Galway, and will play host to a host of top quality musicians, signers and dancers.

Discuss . .

The Irish at Duffy's Cut: New York Times -- Massacre or Epidemic ... or Both ... "MALVERN, Pa. They laid his bones in a bed of Bubble Wrap, with a care beyond what is normally given tofragile things . . . 

So Is St. Malachy's Prophecy Now a Fail? ... A comment here said:  Bergoglio's father was Italian, so he has close Italian, or Roman if you . . .

Nine Reasons Why the Irish are the Best Storytellers . . .


The Latest From The WG Newsroom:

Hoboken, N.J. -- One of the first reported hurling matches in North America was played St. Patrick's Day, 1858. An intersquad match by 30 lads from Kenmare took place "a stone’s throw from where we are standing here in Hoboken," I told John, handing him an O’Neill’s-crafted Hoboken Guards jersey.

New York -- Nuns from the Irish Benedictines are looking to the Diaspora to gain support for their order’s efforts to refurbish, and reinvent, Galway's venerable Kylemore Abbey.

New York -- Actor Liam Neeson helped draw an overflow crowd to New York’s City Hall recently as he became the seventh recipient of the City Council’s Thomas Manton Irish Man of the Year Award. Previous recipients include Senators Ted Kennedy and George

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This Week in Irish History

IN GREAT BRITAIN: James MCudden, World War I ace with 57 enemy planes shot down, is born in Kent, England, of an Irish father and an English mother. IN GREECE: Richard Church, of County Cork, soldier, sometimes called the "liberator of Greece," dies in Athens. IN THE UNITED STATES:  Irish-born Edward Hand is appointed a brigadier general in the Continental Army. The Irish Hibernia regiment of Spain helps lay siege to British forces in Pensacola, Florida, during the American Revolution. Brig. Gen. Tom Smyth is mortally wounded at the battle of Farmville, Virginia. IN SOUTH AMERICA: Bernardo O'Higgins defeats the Spanish at the battle of Maipo River, Chile.


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