Be Amused in the Wild West of Ireland

Last summer my daughter was wearing a shirt she got in Ireland at the local pool.  Another kid asked, “Did you go to Ireland?”  She said yes, she had just returned from vacation there.  He exclaimed, “Wow! What kind of rides did they have??”

Ire-Land.  Best. Amusement park. Ever.

While visiting the Wild West of Ireland, we did have amazing, and sometimes amusing, experiences.  We saw standing stones put in place thousands of years ago by ancient people.  We visited an uninhabited island and explored the ruins of a 6th century monastery.  And everywhere we saw the bucolic scenery for which Ireland is famous. 

Rocks and ruins and sheep, oh my!                                         

Experiencing Ireland for the first time through the eyes of a child was a special thrill.  One of my daughter’s favorite memories was getting ice cream at the top of a cliff in Donegal.  The ice cream fell off the cone onto the ground.  Before she could even react, a seagull swooped in, grabbed the entire scoop of ice cream and flew away with it!  How often do children laugh when they lose their ice cream?  Only in an enchanted place like Ireland.

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