15 of us headed for Bush and the Long Woman's Grave today. We got a window of good weather, as predicted by my new, favourite weather channel, www.yr.no. Hard to believe but it was actually blue skies and dry as we wended our way up Glenmore. It was even good enough to stop and take pictures several times in that beautiful valley and when I got a puncture we had an even longer stop for pics of me being handy. Which will stun a few people but there you are - the camera doesn't lie. At least it didn't before Photoshop.

There really were 15 with me leaving Felda!

We came down the other side of the valley, by Slievenagcloch, which is as beautiful a road as you can cycle. You can see right across the valley to the road you have come up and that imposing, scree covered mountain is to your right. There are little pastiches of rural bliss all round - a field of calves, gentle horses, little farmsteads and quaint farmhouses and the Irish Sea beckoning you as you descend to Lordship.

We went straight in to the Pat's for coffee in the Cafe. The others were there before us, even though I thought suggesting Davys would give us a chance. It must have been the puncture, but then they said they had a puncture too. I really do think someone is trying to wind me up. Anyhow, we sat outside the cafe, the staff made us totally welcome and said they liked cyclists (15 Newry Wheelers had been there earlier). They came around with refills and we sat and chatted for ages on a day when you had no right to expect to get out at all.

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