Analyzing the Claddagh Ring and Gabriel Byrne

Just an emmm update I recently put on my post for my Byrneperfection Blog

So, is that emm how the Claddagh ring works? Hmm....>.> 

<em>Gah! I had it all mixed up and person above me didn't have it exactly right either! Gah!</em>

Totally Single: 

Possibly single&amp;looking/lovedup(you know since he divorced of course-basically I think like broken and unsure)

Loved-Up again: 

Taken(It indicates he's taken when the ring is straight up and down like that) 

He seems to go in between loved up and taken-which I think this indicates that he is confused. :/....basically I think his status on facebook if he had an account would come out to: Complicated. *Sigh* I think as happy as Gabriel seems with Hannah-well his past definitely haunts him--but then whose past doesn't. I think Gabriel is constantly trying to well since depression never really ever goes away-most likely he changes his ring according to how his mood is...from day to day. I think he's still very much broken---oh if only someone could heal Gabriel completely. And part of the problem is that-again he thinks so damn much-I mean he's highly intellectual and constantly thinking so--and it's hard to control thoughts. Though that is also why he is so intoxicating as an individual. His thoughts are so deep and moving O.O **shushes self** Sorry ranting.....I need like rant control or something!! XD

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