On April 18th,  Ger Regan, his better half, my better half and I ventured into St ANdrew's Pub in Times Square to listen to one of our Wild Geese members, Mary Courtney

What a grand time was had! We enjoyed the music, of course. However, it was the antics of the two Princeton boys next two us which made us laugh.

They had decided to order Haggis... but when it came, they picked up their forks and, very hesitantly, began to poke at it... this went on for about four or five minutes before I just couldn't take it any longer and asked why they were so hesitant... They offered my a taste and I declined... However after their waitress... having taken them up on their "would you like a taste?" query...  freaked them out with her facial expressions... I put on my "Mom" face and took a forkful myself... I declared it most tasty and they were satisfied then that it was edible...

The most interesting thing wasn't their hesitance with the Haggis... I do find that understandable... The most interesting thing was that the two Princeton "boys" were Pakistani and totally into the Celtic culture... One of them was even teaching himself to play the banjo so that he could play Celtic music... THe other kept asking me where to buy "plaid pants" ...to which I would reply "Tartan Troosers?"...

Here are a couple of photos from the evening:

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Comment by Totally Irish Gifts on May 22, 2015 at 8:29pm

Proof that everything Celtic rocks the world!


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