26 Common Irish Sayings & Their Translations

The following is a compiled list of 26 common Irish sayings with their translations below. You may find these useful to save confusion & hassle when crossing paths with an Irish person.


1. Your “oul fella” and your “oul wan”

These refer to your father and your mother and is used commonly all over Ireland.

2. “Sleeven”

If you’re called this, you are in fact being called sly!

3. Acting the maggot

If you’re acting the maggot, you’re up to no good and doing some sort of messing.

4. Fluthered

Your very drunk and way past the stage of a few sociable drinks

5. Happy Out

Your content in your current surroundings

6. Awful good

Awful can also mean very, the weather was awful good, meaning the weather was very good.

7. Quare

Comes from the word queer, but is also another replacement for the word "very."

8. Donkeys Years

Refers to a lot of years, the person most likely doesn't know the amount of years.

9. Any Use?

Was it good?

 10. The Jacks

If you’re going to the jacks, you’re going to the bathroom.

11. Arseways

If something is done the wrong way its done arseways

12. Go way outta that

If this is the reply you get the person doesn't believe what you just said or is refusing an offer.

13 A whale of a time

You had a really good time.

14 “Sure look it”

 Commonly used and fits in after any sentence, we’ll carry on, get on with things.

15 “Sure Listen”

Similar to above, not actually meaning listen to me.

16 “Ara”

An expression from the country that fits before your name if they don’t believe you, are disappointed, surprised and just about any other feeling.

17. Its grand

 Its fine, does the job.

18 Craic was 90

 The fun and atmosphere was excellent.

19 I will yeah

Said when the person has no intention on doing what you just asked them to do.

20 A bag of tayto

A packet of crisps

22. I’m knackered

Your exhausted, very tired.

 23. Great drying out

Weather is nice, great day to dry the clothes

24. Feck off

Another word for F*** off, but not in such a harsh tone.

25. Will you have a mineral?

Will you have a drink? Usually a soft drink.

26. I’m going on the gargle/piss/batter

Your going out for a drink, and you may not return for days

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