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The Battle of Clontarf

"The obituary of Domnall Ua Neill in 980 is the first contemporary record of the term Árd-ri Erenn (High King of Ireland), which was to be given a spurious significance by the so-called ‘men of learning’ who shaped the pseudo-history of Ireland. From the mid 9th century “the doctrine of the High Kingship was being elaborated for the…


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Tom O Connor Profile

Fr. Tom O Connor, a native of Kiltulla, Athenry, Co. Galway, has spent more than 50 years researching the history and geopolitics of Iron Age Ireland. His book, Hand of History, Burden of Pseudo-History, presents a Celtic royal complex, unprecedented in Ireland for its size and…


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'One Great Irish Spot': Turoe Iron Age Celtic Capital

As a schoolboy some 65 years ago, I was often asked for directions to the famous Turoe Stone (2 miles up the road) by French, German and British ‘tourists’. Intriguing winter fireside stories recalled remnants of a local ancient ‘city’ cum royal site enclosed within the same…


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Great Irish Romances: Ulster's Noisiu and Derdriu

Conor Mac Nessa, King of Ulster was Queen Medb’s first husband. She quickly forsook him and stormed home to her father crying out “Who could stand that man!” Conor was not Medb’s ideal choice of husband, but the sad result of the peace debt incurred by her father.…


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Downright fascinating History

For those who cannot afford to go and check out Ireland's downright fascinating history and Ireland's other amazing enchantments for themselves, see how you can be astounded by 'Ireland's Queen Maeve' published by Amazon's CreateSpace or as an e-book without leaving your chair. It may make you want to get up and go there whether you can afford it or not. Here is a little snippet:

The ancient…


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