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Pancakes or Crepes for Shrove Tuesday?

by Niall McArdle

Today is the eve of Lent, and I wrote a little blog post here about traditional Irish crepes. There is a link to an Irish Times article giving some pancake cooking tips, and a nice video showing you how to make the perfect crepe.

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Crimea Redux: William Howard Russell, the Irishman who Witnessed the Charg of the Light Brigade

By Niall McArdle

I wrote a piece last year on my blog about Victorian Irish journalist William Howard Russell. I thought I would revisit it as once again the world's attention is focused on Crimea

You can see it here:

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The Best Irish Teeshirts to Wear on Saint Patrick's Day (if you want to impress an Irish person)

By Niall McArdle

Posted at my blog silence cunning exile ... maple syrup this morning:

Avoid the awful 'kiss me, i'm…


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The Irishman Who Reported The Sinking of "The Laconia"

Floyd Gibbons: Reporter/Adventurer

Find out more about interesting and fascinating members of the Irish Diaspora here

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'Honest Dan': The Man from Derry Who Took on Tammany Hall


It is impossible to write the history of nineteenth century American politics without noting the overwhelming presence of the Irish in the affairs of state. In part this was due to mere numbers - in 1850, 43% of the immigrant population was Irish, and no politician…


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The Irishman Who Witnessed the Charge of the Light Brigade

It was the site of an infamous cavalry charge that was either an act of supreme bravery or one of sheer stupidity or both. It inspired a famous poem that is still drilled into schoolchildren. A young woman in London, Florence Nightingale, was so moved upon reading the reports of…


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Diasporational: Stories from the Irish Diaspora

I posted a story yesterday about the Blind Irish Fiddler aboard the Bounty.

That story is part of a series - DIASPORATIONAL - featuring historical figures from the Irish Diaspora; Politicians, Hollywood stars, activists, writers.

All of the posts can be seen here on my blog

"Silence Exile Cunning ... Maple…


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The Blind Irish Fiddler and 'The Mutiny on the Bounty'

Say the word "mutiny," and it is a fair bet that most people will immediately think Bounty. Maritime history is filled with tales of desertion and revolt against a ship’s captain, some bloodier than others, but none…


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