The Wild Geese Virtual Síbín

What is a "síbín"?

A "síbín" was an unlicensed establishment or private house selling alcohol and was typically regarded as slightly disreputable.  It was in a síbín that you could enjoy locally distilled poitín (bootlegged Irish whiskey, commonly known as "moonshine" in the USA).  It was there you could also be warmed by a roaring turf fire and the congenial conversation of your neighbors.

The síbín was an oft times dark, secret bar where alcohol was sold to thwart attempts by the English to regulate and tax it.  While you may have had to travel down many boreens (small rural roads) to the wildest locations to get to the Irish version of a speakeasy, we're re-creating the laid back atmosphere typical of an old síbín in our live broadcasts here at

During these hangouts in The Virtual Síbín, we will have the opportunity to hear from and visit with some of the most interesting and noteworthy members of the worldwide Irish diaspora: From musicians, to chefs, to authors, to storytellers, it will always be a rich experience to "pull up a stool" and take in the conversation.

So, pull up a stool, fill up your glass, and enjoy your time in The Wild Geese Virtual Síbín ...

The Virtual Síbín Archives

Irish Myths & Legends With Storyteller Rab Fulton

Discussing Irish Women's History with Kate Cunningham

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An Evening of Irish Christmas Songs and Stories
with Mary Courtney and Jim Hawkins

"Irish Cooking for Dummies,"
with renowned Irish cookbook author Margaret Johnson

A Whiskey Tasting with Castle Brands Liquors

Hanging Out with Irish Singer / Songwriter Mary Courtney

Discussing the Pub's Role in Irish Culture, with Film Director Alex Fegan

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