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  • Greg Lynch Jr

    Hi Mary,

    You can post the video to the Wild Geese site so it appears right on your page. Could you also write a brief summary of the book to post as a blog that way the members of the Wild Geese can get a better sense of what the book is about.

    Good luck and welcome to the Wild Geese

    Greg Lynch

  • Heritage Partner

    That's Just How It Was

    Greg ; have tried to gain access to The Wild Geese site . Unable to as I am computer illiterate !!!

  • Greg Lynch Jr

    Computers are tricky. What seems to be the problem gaining access to the site?

  • Patricia Louise Hughes

    Pleased to meet you online, Mary.

  • Patrick Francis Deady

    Thank you, Mary.  Accepted with admiration.


  • Heritage Partner

    That's Just How It Was

    It is so lovely to have made all these new friends on the wild geese . My thanks to Kelly O' Rourke and Gerry Regan for helping me achieve this 

  • Patricia Louise Hughes

    It did leave huge gaps in people's lives when someone emigrated. For instance, just take a look at my blog entitled "The Real Honor Bright", she was my grandmother.

    Please keep writing!

  • Admin

    Fran Reddy

    Hi Mary! Glad to have you as a friend on here!

  • Brian Nolan

    Ath-bhlian faoi mhaise daoibh! - Happy New Year to you.
    Count your blessings instead of your crosses.
    Count your gains instead of your losses.
    Count your joys instead of your woes.
    Count your friends instead of your foes.
    Count your smiles instead of your tears.
    Count your courage instead of your fears.
    Count your full times instead of your lean.
    Count your kind deeds instead of your mean.
    Count your health instead of your wealth. 
    Love your neighbor as much as yourself.

    The Count himself, Count John McCormack, singing 'The sunshine of your smile' in 1916, when to be fair, there was very little to smile about at all. http://youtu.be/VMDs1sJ3PMI  
    We should all count our blessings, however small.

    Brian Nolan

  • Ryan O'Rourke

    Hi, Mary.  I don't know if you've noticed, but your blog post about your childhood has now eclipsed 3,000 views (and counting)!  Well done!

  • Amber Ó Siodhacháin

    Dia dhuit! Pleased to meet you, Mary! :)

  • Jack Carey

    Hi Ms. Thorpe,

    Thanks for adding me as a contact.


  • Cate Kager

    Mary, Thank you for the friend request. I look forward to learning much from your blog. I will have to view the one above mentioned by Ryan O'Rourke about your childhood. Alas, it is 00:24 in the states, but tomorrow is another day.

  • Michael Quane

    Thanks for the invite. Happy to be a friend.
  • Jim Hawkins

    Hi Mary,

         Glad to make your acquaintance and looking forward to reading your article and book. Jim

  • Paul B McNulty

    Hi Mary - delighted to accept your friend request. Best wishes for the future. Happy New Year.

  • Okey Simmons

    Thanks! 'Tis a   thoughtful  thing to do!