• Thank you The Wild Geese Team!

    Sincere thanks to The Wild Geese team for featuring my poem and article today! I have shared my thanks along with the front page link via social media. Every good wish.

    By Anne Casey

  • Rare book

    Have fragile very old book brought over by my grandad to states 1866, been in our fam forever. Written in ancient Gaelic, no one seems to be able to translate. One person thought it belonged to Aindrias MacCraith, 1740 poet from Croom, my grandad was from Louth maybe Dundalk. Very fragile. Any…

    By Nan Finnegan McCabe

  • 'The Great Hunger': Famine or Genocide?

    I took a course at an American university called "Genocides and Crimes Against Humanity."  We discussed many world events and sometimes struggled with how to place them into these categories. …

    By Kelly O'Rourke

  • I wonder if someone would tell me if my assumptions are right or wrong.

    I find myself trying to find some nugget of information in Ireland that might lead back to my 2x great grandfather, Michael Egan b. between 1808 to 1813.He was said to have been an educated man. This information came to me from my great grandmother, Michael Egan’s seventh living child, as well as…

    By Mary Egan

  • Welcome to the Flock!

     Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow Wild Geese. In particular, we would love to hear your Irish story. What are your ties to Ireland? Have you or are you in the midst…

    By The Wild Geese

  • Portlaoise (formerly Maryborough) in County Laois (formerly Queen's County)

    I live in Portlaoise (formerly Maryborough) and while I cannot provide a Genealogy service, I can advise people on aspects of our town's history. If your ancestors came from or near the town, have a look at www.portlaoisepictures.com to…

    By Sean O Duinn

  • Irish to Jamaica

    Here's the descent:  James Matthew Rankin, born in Tyrone, County Galway, somehow got to Jamaica.  There he married Rachel Maria and had a number of children, one of which was christened at St Thomas in the East (a C of E church) along with three other children, all registered 16 September,…

    By Gene R Rankin

  • Michael Dwyer known as the Wicklow Chief.

    Hello everyone. I have today joined your Wild Geese community and look forward to being part of it. Michael Dwyer, known as the Wicklow Chief,  was my great great great grandfather and had an interesting story. (A photo of Michael and my brother John posted below). Some of you may have heard of him…

    By Chris Dwyer


  • Heritage Partner

    Thats Just How it Was [Part 3]

      Trevelyan went on to imprison any Irish Catholic who stole corn from the surplus corn sheds to feed their families. These people were sentenced to prison ships and deported to Australia, leaving their families behind to suffer the awful emotional pain that this caused them on top of their…

    By That's Just How It Was


  • Heritage Partner

    Thats Just How It Was [part 2]

    They built mud cabins or huts, just as all the other evicted people did, and it was into these dire conditions that both Patrick and Anne were born. The famine had caused nothing but starvation, the sight of loved ones dying, and squalid living conditions, with terrible diseases ravaging people’s…

    By That's Just How It Was