Gerry Regan


Oakland Gardens, NY

United States

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  • Thomas Madigan

    Hey, Ger! Delighted to see the site is still here and with a great new look (not that the old one wasn't great either) ;) Thanks, also, for the invitation to dive right back in. I will be doing so over the coming days.

    More importantly, I hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well during these unprecedented times!


  • Douglas Lawless

    Anyone here ever seen or has a copy of the miniseries Year Of The French?  It's based on a novel about the United Irishmen ( Ancestors were members) and the landing of a French military expedition in county Mayo?  I've been trying to track it down for decades.  I heard it was banned by the British government for years for graphic scenes of Irish peasants being slaughtered by British soldierd

  • Kevin Murray Adams Morgan

    Thanks Gerry.