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Astoria, NY

United States

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  • Heritage Partner

    House of Monaghan

    Gerry, thanks for the mention on Facebook today... much appreciated! :)


    House of Monaghan

  • Elaine Noonan

    Hi Gerry,

    I read your article on the Irwins of Hells Kitchen and was surprised to learn that they lived near my Irwin relatives. My grandfather was Joseph Irwin (1872-1948). They lived on 10th Ave. between 43rd and 44th st. Just wondering if you came across them in your research?


  • Jules Sullivan (Jenkins)

    Gerry Regan,

    I wanted to inform you that a member with the name of James Pollard has just tried scamming with an "lost inheritance scam". I just want to urge you to please let folks know. This guy says something about a long lost relative that recently died and has no known heirs and then goes on to say he wants 50% and that I would need to keep it a secret. I have a copy of the email he sent. I do take full responsibility for communicating with someone from this forum with my own personal email on myself, that was stupid on my part.