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  • W Considine

    Hello Mary,I am just writing to tell you that the future Learn Easter rising history course from Trinity College is an inline course. You can do it from anywhere. These courses are totally accessible and can be taken at your own pace and they are free. I have done a few and would highly recommend. I will do this one aswell. William
  • Terry Cassidy

    Hi Mary. I read your piece on Winifred Carney and really enjoyed it. I noticed a comment by an American lady who was a descendant. I also am a descendant. My late father was Winifred's 3rd cousin and my uncle met her when he was a little boy. My family are Cassidy's from Belfast. In Clonmel, Co Tipperary my sister unveiled a commemorative plaque last Sunday to the fallen from the Easter Rising and was chosen to do so as she was the only relative in the town to any of the republicans from that era. We all feel very proud in our family to be connected to such a brave lady. Not just for her stance on Irish freedom but for her wonderful socialist and non sectarian life choices.

    Great Blog. All the best Terry.

  • Joan Austin

    Dear Mary,

    You have made a huge impact on Wildgeese and I would invite you to do the same on Facebook on the Relatives page.  I thought for sure your work and your presence would come on board during all the centenary celebrations but did not see it.  Yours is a story that needs to be told to a much broader audience:


    Here is the site of, Conchuir Dullaghan, a collector who has now become a family friend.  He holds my aunt Winnie's medal and her husband's (George McBride).