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United States

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  • Daniel Williams

    Thanks, Bit. Spending the month of August in Donegal, God willing.
  • Sharon Keenan

    Bit, do you lead small groups tours in Ireland?

  • Rose Woodall

    Hi, My GGGrandfather came from Ireland.I am not sure but I think it was County Galway.His name is Michael Kelly and he was married to Catherine O'Neill.I am trying to find where they were from and married.I have all their children's Baptisms.They were all baptised in Dunmore RC church From 1835 -1843.they lived in a place called Clonfein in the parish of Dunmore.The children are as follows Sarah b 1835,Bridget 1836, Patrick 1837,John 1838-1839,John1840my GGrandfather who came to the North East of England when he was a young boy,Michael b 1842 andMary 1843.i have tried for about 12 years to find Michael and Catherine to no avail.If anyone can help me I will be very Gratefull.Thank you and kind regards.