Patricia Louise Hughes


Warwick, Warwickshire

United Kingdom

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  • Heritage Partner

    That's Just How It Was

    Well  how nice ; you have written a book about your grandmother also . My Book -That's Just How it Was - is a tribute to my grandmother also.

    It was a very tough life for all these people - so my admiration is all the greater because I knew my grandmother so well 

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    “That’s Just How It Was is a moving family tale through which much can be gleaned about life during the push for Irish independence… This is a satisfying, emotionally involving read.”- Clarion Review

    “Authors of family memoirs often overload their narratives with minutiae that puts nonfamily members to sleep. There are no such encumbrances in Mary Thorpe’s biography of her remarkable grandmother, Bridget O’Rourke. Thorpe…carefully blends Bridget’s story with the events of her day, some of the most pivotal events in Ireland’s history.”- Blueink Review

    “Thorpe compellingly incorporates history into her grandmother’s story, always making sure to bring the narrative back to Bridget’s life and personal experience ….. a compelling story of a strong, capable woman and the history that surrounded her “.- Kirkus Review ­

  • Heritage Partner

    That's Just How It Was

    Yes it was an era of poverty in terms of  materials things and emotional voids in peoples lives . I have tried to encapsulate the essence  of this in my book - That's How It Was.

    Please view video --


  • Patricia Louise Hughes

    I enjoyed watching your video Mary. It reminded me of my grandmother's family, as you can see on my blogs. Happy New Year to you!