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    That's Just How It Was

    Ryan -delighted to accept your friendship on Wild Geese 

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    That's Just How It Was

    Hi Ryan + Kelly O'Rourke . 

    Just to tell you that in my research for my Book - That's Just How It Was - I found out that there was a clan called 'The Breffon O' Rourke's ' who were preconceived as Leicesters and other Counties ; King and Princes of Ireland . Do not know when and how they died out .

    However they important thing is ; we are possibly descendants of that clan - now there's a thought !!

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    That's Just How It Was

    Ryan ; Spoken with Kelly ; Gerry ; Gerry has advised me to 'ask' people to buy my book! So I am taking his advise. 

    So my question is ;;On some of my blogs you or someone [think it was you ] put a link  to where my Book can be bought from i.e Amazon ; Kindle ; Berthams; Inghams ; barnesandnoble / Gardners Wholesale Books UK . 

    Now then ; on other blogs it just has the above mentioned places where my book can be bought.

    So my question is ; how do I or you!! get to put the 'link' that is on some of the blogs . Help 

    Mary Thorpe.