More Fun Added ~ Beidh ceol, caint agus craic againn ~ O'Lunney's April 26th

Malin Head, Co Donegal ©2009 C.E.Devine ~ Rincon Creek Studios

Thought you all might like a preview of the Photo on Canvas to be presented to Hugh O'Lunney Saturday night at the Gathering of the Wild Geese NYC at O'Lunney's Times Square Pub

In a new development, Denis Dwyer & Alex Fegan will be bringing their film, Irish Pub, for a screening. 

If you missed visiting with Alex in the Virtual Síbín, you can catch it here

Bring your friends... Share amongst those you know in the Irish community

Beidh ceol, caint agus craic againn
(We'll have music, chat and craic)

Bring a song, bring a story, bring a poem, let's raise a glass and raise our voices to that which makes the Wild Geese and, indeed, the Irish as a whole Unique, our diverse talents. 

I hope you will join us 

Please RSVP here

Slan Beo, 

Bit Devine 

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