I just recently watched a documentary that I enjoyed very much, it was called The Art of Conflict . It takes a non biased look at the murals of Northern Ireland over the years and the artists. It also touches briefly on the conflict that still exists. I have photographed many of the murals while on my travels and suggest this film. It is narrated by Vince Vaughn and directed and produced by his family members. Worth a look. It is in Netflicks.

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Lisa, have you shared with fellow members any of your pix, e.g., the murals in Belfast and Derry? I'd relish a peek, as I'm sure virtually all our members would. What did you most like about 'The Art of Conflict.' And BTW, I had no idea that Vince Vaughan had Irish interests.

Hi Gerry,

I don't believe I have posted , but will get them up. The murals were in Belfast. I guess what I liked the most about the documentary was that it really focusd on the artists and how they are different in many ways, but their love of art and expression brings them together. They even show two of the artists painting a mural together. It is also a documentary I believe I could watch with both my 11 year old son and my 19 year old daughter and although neither truly have a grasp on the the conflicts and struggles Ireland has lived through, what basic information is presented through the art, would not scare them away from wanting to learn more. I have been on many different tours to Northern Ireland and Ireland in general over the years and one of the most consistant questions that tourists ask is, "explain to us why there is conflict between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland?" But I have found that the answers could not possibly satisfy nor justify history and the tourist walks away even more confused. By showing the murals along with real historic footage and a basic commentary about what was occuring when and why by actual citizens, ,many of whom were there, brings it to life in a whole new dimention. Not everyone has a  lifetime to learn about the history of another country, let alone their own. So when something short, sweet, unbiased , simple and attractive comes along, it makes you sit up and listen.

About Vince Vaugh, Ihad no idea either. I have not looked into the family, but the Vaugh surname  was everywhere in the credits, so maybe they have some undiscovered Irish lineage after all.


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