Talking about "Hunger" brought to mind "Some Mother's Son" with the great Fionnula Flanagan and Helen Mirren as mothers of two of the 1981 hunger strikers-both from different backgroungs and different views  trying to save their son's lives in their own way and according to their principals.  Another Terry George achievement.

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Thanks, I will look out for this movie. I have seen Hunger and In the Name of the  Father. This one looks good.

Also starring Daniel Day-Lewis, no? 

I don't believe so.  Maybe you are thinking of "In the Name of the Father" about the Guildford 4 starring Daniel Day Lewis and also directed by Terry George.  An excellent film about coerced confessions

I saw this and "In the Name of the Father" when they came out in the 90s when it seemed Irish movies were so very popular. I really liked "The Field" though and "Crying Game," but "Michael Collins," "Into the West," "The Secret of Roan Inish" are all good quality films. But, Loach's "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" had the biggest impact on me, but that came out in 2006. "The Devil's Own" was terrible, in my opinion.  



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