Who has seen this movie from 2006, set and filmed in Dublin? It's very modest and is just a sweet film with lots of music.

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Yes, I liked it very much.  The featured song gets terribly stuck in your head!  They've made a musical of it now, I understand.

Susan, my sweetheart and I consider the song 'Once' a reminder of the power of music -- and love. Surprisingly memorable and haunting film, with impact that transcends most films with vaster budgets. 

Hi Gerry. I also liked this movie. My husband and I watched it together, whereas I don't think he would have the patience for "Kisses" (see other discussion), maybe because the two main characters were  kids, although it was not a kids' movie.. I often look through the upcoming movies and tape anything with an Irish theme or setting (but also Scottish stuff). Which brings to mind another movie: I am going to post it now.

Probably my favorite movie of all time.  The song "Falling Slowly" won an Oscar for Best Song in 2008.  I have seen Glen Hansard live four times here in the States, but have never managed to catch him performing in Ireland on any of my trips there.  Still hoping for this summer, and am actually waiting until he releases his summer concert schedule before I book my flight.  Number one on my bucket list is Christmas Eve on Grafton Street where he organizes an annual event of performers who busk for Dublin's Simon Community.  I've never met him, but I'm still hoping, because we do have a few mutual friends.  And I'll stop here before everyone starts to think I'm some kind of mad groupie…which would not be entirely inaccurate. :)

Hi, Lisa. After such effusion, I'll HAVE to watch this movie again. It comes on from time to time on one of our movie channels. Good luck in your quest!


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