Just seen the movie Philomena! Its worth seeing. Has anyone else seen it?

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Yes.  Truly moving.  I thought the subject matter was handled well and certainly this has to be addressed and seen from different viewpoints in a different time and place..  Brilliant pieco of acting


I enjoyed the movie very much! I am not a big movie fan but I did enjoy Philomena. The fact that I was born and raised in Ireland, I could see how that would have happened.. Sad but true.

Saw it, Marian, a few weeks ago. In fact, Philomena Lee's daughter, Jane, is a fellow member of The Wild Geese. What struck you about the film? I was taken by the power of the visceral connection between mother and child, even after the passage of decades. And I say that as someone who was relinquished for adoption at three months of age, never held by my mother until I was 44 years old. 


Thank you for sharing that! It must have been very emotional for you after all those years... That's amazing about Philomena daughter being part of the wild geese..


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