When "Hidden Agenda" was released, over 20 years ago, it was often lambasted as anti-British propaganda. The plot hinged around the murder of an American civil rights lawyer by State forces - and featured a fine performance by Frances McDormand. Of course, much of the strident criticism declared that such a scenario was both impossible and an insult to the honourable and righteous forces of the Crown (by implication, they were all honourable and righteous).

It would be interesting to re-visit those contemporary criticisms now, in light of the numerous revelations of State involvement in assassination, both directly by those in uniform and indirectly, through the by-proxy loyalist murder gangs.

Either way, it captures the dark atmosphere of the times and, to my mind, is a stronger movie than his later "Wind that Shakes the Barley."



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Saw this movie in Manhattan at a preview screening in 1990, and met the producer, an British man of Irish ancestry named John Daly, principal of Hemdale Film Corp. Some interesting info on the project on Wikipedia. I thought the film very suspenseful -- that's what I remember removed 23 years. It'd be interesting to see it anew.

That's the fascination of feature films, one might argue, Gerry. They are more art than science, open to varied interpretations. We'll add this film to the premier The Wild Geese Film Festival.

Actually, our first festival is likely to be online, Gerry. Come as you are! ;-)

Linda is working on this (longer term).


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